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Hi everyone, my wife, my 28 year old son who has AOA2 and myself have just returned from the NAF annual conference, this year in Orlando, Florida. It is our 3rd conference and we will be attending next years in San Antonio, Texas. For those who have never been it is the most wonderful, uplifting, joyous, informative and fun time that can be had. You come away fired up, stuffed full of the latest medical/research information and having made a host of new friends - all in the same or similar situation. If anyone would like to ask any questions or learn more please get in touch or go to the NAF website. It could change your life!!!

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Would you provide the website particulars???  Sounds as if you both had a ball!  How lovely!!


Excuse the interruption here, but being that I am a US citizen, I can easily direct you to the website of the National Ataxia Foundation, which is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN:  FYI -- they have an Annual Ataxia Conference each year in different parts of the US (on a rotating basis) and the presentations are posted on the website, along with lots and lots of ataxia-related information sheets, publications, awareness merchandise, etc.  The website isn't the easiest to navigate, but once you spend time here and there, you'll be extremely happy that you did! You'll find invaluable information and insight.  Hope this helps.


Thank you for the information Clmr.  

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Really pleased that you had such a great time in Orlando. There were a few of us Brits there (at the research conference and the members conference) and we also enjoyed it! If you ever fancy crossing the water to the UK you will find a very similar atmosphere at the Ataxia UK Conference held every year in early October. This year we expect over 180 people affected by ataxia to gather at the Radisson Blue hotel at Derby East Midlands Airport on 8th/9th October - very convenient for anyone who would like to fly in!!!!


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