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Hi all, it will be my friend's birthday next month and my friends and family want to buy her something to help her cope. Age has a wheelchair and rollator.

We'd very much like to know if there is something she can use to type -her fine motor skills are not very good and she's struggling with the mouse or typing on an iPhone. Also are there any recommended exercise gadgets, bikes etc?

All the best to all of you and thanks for the support!

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A key guard over the keyboard, a roller ball mouse, a stationary exercise bicycle and a simple I-phone with big keys. The Institute for the Blind also have a landline phone with big keys.

Charley_ in reply to klazien

Hi Klazien, thank you so much for the suggestions, I'm hoping to cheer her up a bit.


I have an ipad and a phone and what I find very useful is a stylus pen. I have two one for ipad and one for my phone. I find it gives me alot more control when my hands move on my keyboard. I bought it on Amazon. Check it out.

Charley_ in reply to LOVELY_1

Hi Bubbub, that is a great suggestion, thank you so much. All the best!


My name is Esteban Grieb, I’m 39 years old, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I now live in Steyr, Austria. I was diagnosed Friedrich’s Ataxia in 1999 and I have been using a wheelchair for nearly 14 years.

Last year I was introduced to smovey. It is a small exercise and health unit consisting of a swinging-ring system, a spiraled tube, four steels balls, and a grip with cushioning elements. The inventor is a man from my region here in Austria, who was diagnosed with the Parkinsons disease, so I thought I’d give it a try - and I grew to recognise that it could help me too. I started doing some exercises with smovey and after a short time I noticed that this tool was having a very positive impact, for example the fine motor skills in my hands improved. The other positive thing that now I also have my small gym at home! Because you don’t have to go outside your home or don’t need much space when you train using the smovey. I’m gently doing my exercises in my own way about 5 times a week for 10 to 20 minutes and it helps me a lot. I’m feeling better every time I use the smovey and it’s great to keep fit and healthy! The amazing thing is also that even with just a little bit of time and effort, you can achieve good results with the smovey.

I wanted to tell you my experience because many people with FA and other neurological disease should know that there is something that can help you and support your condition. My goal is to inform as many people as I can!

If you have any question about me and the world class smovey, don’t hesitate, and contact me!

My mail-adress is:

Here you have some information about smovey:



Greetings from Austria


Hi Bubbub

She's lucky to have such a thoughtful friend! I use two wrist rests that can be attached to a tablet, laptop or keyboard & then I use 2 stylus pens to type. Both make a huge difference in my life, making things less painful & easier!

Kind regards


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