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Wobbly TV

Dear all

Since January of this year Ataxia UK has released one short video a month for people affected by ataxia. There have been 4 released to date with a final total of ten. The aim is to give people with ataxia a better understanding of ataxia, and to help them discover how to meet some of the challenges it poses. The project was made possible with generous support from the James Tudor Foundation.

I hope you have already seen the videos released so far but if not, here is a link to the page on the Ataxia UK website where they can be viewed.

Best Wishes


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Hi Harriet - I've enjoyed all 4 of them - if enjoyed is the right word !!!

Cheers, Doug, Bristol.


Thanks HarryB

Have enjoyed all four. They are very good and informative

Looking forward to seeing the next six.


Hi Harriet! How are you? - and more to the point - how is your Mum?! Haven't hassled you lately 'cos know you must have been busy / anxious re caring for Mum. - but glad to see you back on line - and yes! Wobbly TV is just great!

Am looking forward to catching up with all of the 'episodes' again - and getting back to being involved with HealthUnlocked - (it's not the same without you and your wise comments/advice/committment!!)

All best regards!


Harriet, please give your mum my best wishes :) xB


I`ve balways said I would watch the videos, but never seemed to get around to watching them.

Well, I`ve watched them, and they are quite educative.

Knowing my Grandmother, Mother, elder Brother all had Ataxia and then my Dr. arranged for me to see Professor Chinnery at the RVI Hospital, Newcastle, was a little worrying.

But I also knew that it had skipped one of my brothers who was also older than me :-) but he had not shown any of the tell-tale signs :-(

Anyway, the rest - as they say - is now history.

It does get a little bit tiresome as the days go by and there are times when I get really, really annoyed and angry with it, and have a day of complete doom-and-gloom. Then the next day seems completely differernt, funny old world.

Ahhhh heck, I`m rambling again........................ ;-)

Enjoyed the videos and will look forward to any future ones.


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