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Tune in to Wobbly TV!

Tune in to Wobbly TV!

Hi all

Just thought I'd let you know about Wobbly TV - Ataxia UK’s brand new monthly series of ten short videos for people affected by ataxia; you may have had an email about it already today, but if not, read on!

Throughout 2014 we'll be looking at subjects such as diagnosis, ataxia later in life, research, coping with a child with ataxia, assistive technologies and achieving your goals. The aim of the series is to give people a better understanding of the condition, and to help them discover how to meet some of the challenges it poses.

Here's a link to the first episode:

You can also check back to that page each month to catch up on any episodes you miss.

If you get a chance to to tell us what you think of Wobbly TV via this short feedback form, that would be great too:

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Hi again,

A few people have mentioned that they'd like to see subtitles on Wobbly TV. Just to let you know that it does currently have them. To switch them on, click the 'CC' icon (for 'closed captions') just below the YouTube player.

If this icon isn't visible, trying going to YouTube directly. You can change your settings so that subtitles are shown automatically where they are available. For more info on how to do this, see:


Hi all

If you're on the mailing list you'll shortly get an email, but in case you're not - episode 2 of Wobbly TV is out now. It's called 'Finding out you have ataxia' and features four people talking about their experiences of discovering and coming to terms with their ataxia.

Watch it here:

Any feedback is very welcome, here:

And don't forget, if you'd like to see the programme with subtitles, see my post above for how to switch them on.



The third episode of Wobbly TV is out now: 'When your child has ataxia'. Watch it here:


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