If anyone has tried the American Balance Wear Vest would you please write to me about your results ?

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  • I am going to San Francisco in early October and have appointments to try the vest. I will report back when I have tried it. I have Cerebellar ataxia and if the videos I have seen live up to my expectations I shall be so pleased but I am trying to stay calm in case it doesn't work. Fingers crossed!

  • I would be very interested to know how we can access this 'balance vest' in the UK - please let us know when you have more info.....

  • I am also planning to travel to SF. Living in Denmark I would like to get a mail from you with more information. My mail is: thorkild@erritzoe.com

  • Pls give me ur contact no mail or mobile no.

  • Hi :) did u find help? I have SCA like u.

  • I have Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (non-hereditary/unknown cause), live in the States, and have a BalanceWear vest. It has helped me with my balance/gait, as well as other symptoms (like writing/printing), and dexterity. What is truly amazing is I have some residual effects after I take it off. It's lightweight and I only have 2 1/2 LBS weight inside (in various places, custom placed for me). Yes, hope it works for others also! I'm thrilled with it! ;o)

  • wow this sounds amazing. Is it only available in SFA?

  • I am counting down the days until we go to the States to try this vest. The more I look at videos of people it has helped I can't help but get excited so I hope I won't be disappointed! You are the first person to reply who actually has this vest and your response is so encouraging, thanks. Fingers crossed.

  • I am living in Denmark and are planning to travel to Oakland, where the head office of Balance Wear is. My mail address is: thorkild@erritzoe.com. I would like very much, if you would send me a mail about your exeperience. Best regards Thorkild

  • hi Its Armghan. i have F.A. i want to purchase Balance wear vast. please inform me its price. thank you

    my e-mail is : armghan.azfar@gmail.com

  • Hi Neta, I'm don't know what SFA means...,sorry! I'm guessing San Francisco, although, if that's the case, I don't know what the A is? Anyway, the inventor is a physical therapist, Cindy Gibson-Horn, based in San Francisco. Google "BalancWear" for more info. ;o)

  • Hi Wobblymum, I'll keep my fingers AND TOES crossed for you...,ha! Hope it works!!! Please tell Cindy (the inventor pt) that Cindy (me, aka: February) says HI! Thanks so much! ;o)

  • I've just been reading up about BalanceWear and it seems absolutely amazing.

    I love that people can come up with incredible things like this.

    It will be really great if the company can establish a presence here in the UK... and then we need to persuade the NHS that is it a good idea!

    Do keep us updated with your progress. Best wishes. Perhaps you could show us at a future Ataxia Conference...

  • Only another week to go before I go to San Francisco to try the vest. I will of course report back on whether it helps or not. Think good thoughts for me that it will help!

  • I have just returned from San Francisco where I saw Cindy Gibson-Horn and was fitted for my weighted vest. I am delighted with it. Immediately I was talking and writing better and my walking was straighter and more balanced and felt ok walking without cane. Apparently my eye movements were smoother too, although only someone else can see that! I am still jet lagged so walking is still hard but definitely better with vest on. Have some daily exercises to do to help. Well worth the trip and money involved. It is not available yet in Europe as they are such a small organisation I don't think they can cope with demand and they need an introduction into the health system over here which Cindy told me is expensive.

  • I've just looked on the Motion Theraputics site re Balancewear. It seems they

    plan to introduce this product to the international market during 2014. xB