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Biological treatment

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Is biological asthma treatment only for a certain age group?. Can people over 50 also qualify for such treatment with severe asthma? .

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There's no age limit in the UK. However, there are strict qualifying criteria I believe and Asthma UK has detailed that here:

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

No age limits. I know 60/70+s on a MAB.

For more general info;

I’m 50 and started it earlier this year👍

Started mine last week I am 68There is certain criteria, not sure on all of it but non smoker and not to be overweight were two mentioned. 🤔

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Starstream20

Non-smoker is a requirement

In the uk weight isn’t technically. However for Xolair the dose worked out from weight and if the dose required is too high you won’t get approved. High weight, high IgE = no MAB but low weight, high IgE = MAB. High weight low IgE = MAB…

The key factor is the levels of whatever they are looking to treat in your blood (IgE eos) and then if they can get it approved.

You also have to show evidence of a) asthma and b)that it’s uncontrolled 😅

As far as I am aware there is no age limit. I’m in my seventies and have it

Hi.. I started Faserna two weeks ago. I'm 60..though I tell myself I'm still 37. I had 11 courses of Steroids, bi monthly then monthly. My professor last year said I was along way off having Biologics. He was on holiday when I needed to be pushed in to see a consultant... Luckily for me she ran the Biologic clinic... Said I was definitely a candidate, but had to tick all the boxes which I did in her clinic. So I've just had my first Faserna injection.

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Hanne62 in reply to Keem59

Exactly the same thing happened to me. I’m 69 & have been on omalizumab for 7 months. It’s changed my life & I’m very grateful to the consultant who thought I’d benefit from it

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Keem59 in reply to Hanne62

Hi Hanne62... How long did it take to kick in and what was the first thing you noticed, to let you know it was working? Good to hear its helping you!

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Hanne62 in reply to Keem59

Hi Keem! About 2wks after the first dose I felt an improvement, less wheeze & tightness, but didn’t dare hope. 2wks after the second (ie 6wks after I started), I was suddenly able to breathe easily, and that day I went for a walk like a normal person. I could hardly believe it! It’s been fantastic, almost miraculous. I really hope you have the same good fortune x

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