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From clenil modulite to Fostair

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Hi everyone I hope you are all well. I have just been given my asthma plan. I have also had my clenil modulite changed to Fostair. Just wanted to ask what your experiences have been with Fostair? Is it a ‘stronger’ inhaler than clenil and any advice of what you have experienced would be much appreciated! Also when do you take your night puffs? Just before bed or in the evening! Feel like such a novice!

Many thanks ❤️

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Yes clenil is just beclomethasone and fostair is beclomethasone and formoterol.... it is a 'stronger' inhaler with the additional formoterol ... which is a LABA .... Long Acting beta agonist.... to make it easier to understand ventolin/salbutamol... is a SABA short acting beta agonist ...... they help to open up your airways and make it easier easier breathe ... ventolin should last about 4 hours and formoterol is about 12 hours

I take mine at about 7-8 pm of an evening and we go to bed a few hours later 10-10:30 normally

You might notice a jitteryness after taking the fostair (because of the formoterol) it should subside ... you can also get this jitteryness from ventolin so it's not unique to fostair (and some get it and some don't)

Hi!These posts might be of interest: (about inhalers)

And (for those new to asthma - or not new to it but haven't actually been told much by their nurse or GP!)

But to answer your question, sort of anyway, new steroid inhalers take about 8 weeks to kick in properly so that time is needed to see if it's really helping (and side effects should reduce/go away in that time). People often notice faster heart rate initially as it contains a LABA (long-acting bronchodilator) but that effect reduces over time. It is the same steroid base in Fostair as in clenil though which makes the change easier.

Fostair contains finer particles so it gets into the lungs better and, as I mentioned, it also contains a LABA. It's not necessarily stronger (depends on doses etc) but the finer particles and addition of the LABA mean it should be more effective once it kicks in.

In theory preventer inhalers should be roughly 12 hours apart. It's not crucial but a vague balance is good. So depends when you take your morning doses. But go with what works for you.

Hope that helps!

Hi, I been taking Fostair for around 5 years now. At first I had nearly all the side effects but it really helped my breathing within a few days so I stuck with it after a few weeks the side effects subsided and now I wouldn't be without it. They say it lasts around 12 hours but can be less for me some days so I'm a mart regime I take extra doses. Usually my last dose will be around an hour before bed.

Hopefully if you stick with it it will work well for you too.

Fostair is so much more effective for me. Like you, I changed from Clenil to Fostair recently.

You might have side-effects to start with -nothing of concern over other inhalers e.g. I had muscle pulls due to less Potassium which I countered with eating half a banana.

Hi I've just changed the same as you. I have noticed that my eyes are sore and crusting up at night. I don't know if this is a side effect of the Fostair inhaler

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