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Clenil modulite 100mg

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Just wondering if anyone can tell if Clenil modulite isn't helping, as I wake up with tight chest every morning.

What should I do about it or suggestions

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I think that inhaler is the starting inhaler when you have first been diagnosed or if your asthma is under control you might need a stronger preventer inhaler or a long lasting reliever inhaler as well as an add on treatment. I was only on that inhaler 3 months after diagnosis before they gave me a long lasting reliever as it wasn’t helping at all on its own

How long have you been on it? What are your peak flows now compared to when you started it?

Been on Clenil modulite from 2018 & peak flow was 350 now gone to 300.

But am having pnunamia injection on Monday & flu vaccine on Thursday afternoon.

300 is still 86% of your best (350) so is well within your safe/green zone. But as you are feeling tight it might be worth discussing it with your GP or asthma nurse. Tightness can be caused by all sorts of other things as well as asthma, things that mimic asthma but aren't helped by asthma medications, eg. silent reflux, anxiety, stress, breathing pattern disorders. So discussing things with your GP, or asthma nurse (or giving the Asthma UK nurses a call, 0300 2225800 M-F 9-5) would be sensible to fathom what the issue is.

Normally, as long as someone hasn't got a temp, then they will give the injections quite happily. And to be fair, if you have a temp on the day they won't want you anywhere near them!

I havent got a High Temperature am fine

In that case having the jabs shouldn't be an issue. But being symptomatic needs a discussion. Your pf at 300 is fine compared to your 350 best, but sometimes pf doesn't show the whole story so a professional needs to work out whether they think it's your asthma causing the tightness or something else.

Hi, I too was on Clenil but this wasn't controlling my asthma. I was put on Fostair and Montelukast and a reflux tablet. It's improved my asthma considerably. It's lovely not waking up with a tight chest. Good luck Claire x

Hi Claire,

I was going quite well on Clenil but experienced voice hoarseness as a result. I'm now using symbicort which has been great for a long term bronchodilator. I have tried alvesco but still experience hoarseness. I would recommend trying the symbicort. Be interesting to know if others out there experience hoarseness also and if they have found something that is good as a bronchodilator but not causing hoarseness??

It suits me perhaps you should talk with the respiratory nurse.all medication don’t suit all people.good luck.

I am the same. Wake up with tightness and heaviness in chest, but also body (muscle and sometimes bone/joint) ache and nasal congestion.

I'm having a GP review done this week as I am scoring low on my asthma review.

Have to ask how long cm100 worked for you? And also whether recent changes by chiesi to the plastic adaptor (beige cheaper) might have made a difference?

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