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Alternative to prednisone?

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Do any of you know an alternative to prednisone for asthma flare ups?

I’m swearing I’ll never ever take it again after a huge impact on my mental health - however my GP says I will probably need to use it again in the future. So I wondered if there were any alternatives that achieve the same effect?

I was ‘ok’ on a short 6 day course - albeit not sleeping and feeling like I was on speed - but I went on to get a chest infection from my children and had another 4 weeks of prednisone. I tried to continue despite feeling unwell and out of it but by the third week I had to stop. I didn’t feel like me and I could have cheerfully walked off the edge of a cliff without a second thought. Within 2 days of stopping the prednisone I was 75% better and my GP agreed it was the tablets.

So moving forward, do you lovely people have any alternative suggestions I can ask for if needs be? I can already feel my symptoms picking up :-/. (Aside from making me crazy the prednisone worked a treat for my asthma lol)

I’m kind of resided to short low dose courses but I’d rather avoid if there’s an alternative.

Thank you x

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I am a prednisone user, unfortunately. For me, it is the only thing that gets me through. I had terrible side effects the first 4-5 times I had a short course, but my body seemed to adapt after that. I still get hot flushes, and I get hyper, but no more jumping off a cliff thoughts. I am finally getting onto a biologics trial so hoping that I can benefit from that and reduce my steroid use. Has your doctor mentioned them to you? Kaz

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That’s really good Kaz that they are looking at biologics for you. Fingers crossed they help! I’m glad the side effects of prednisone has eased a bit for you too - if gives me hope they might for me!

I was only diagnosed in April/may and it was alll remote based on peak flow and how much better it got using inhalers, so I’ve not had a referral to a consultant. I was initially told by rubbish practice nurse that it would clear up in winter lol - how wrong was she! Luckily my gp is much better. I’ve not been told the type of asthma I have but to me it doesn’t seem allergic, and I’ve needed steroids twice so I’m guessing it’s moderate? It’s been a steep learning curve! Keep well xx

I used to tolerate Pred very well, but not now. My last course back in March was supposed to be 40mg pd but I reduced it to 25mg pd in order to my initial reaction; it felt like I was having a stroke. My asthma nurse was cool with the reduced daily dose and I must admit that it suited me to take a lower daily dose over more days. I will do that again, if necessary.

Biologics are definitely an alternative if your asthma would benefit- I understand that it's not a suitable treatment for everyone. If your asthma is severe and uncontrolled then your consultant will the one to discuss these treatments with you and consider they're suitability.

I hope you find a resolution.

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Thank you lovely!

Me too, hopefully I’ll get seen by a specialist if this continues x

Unfortunately, it is one of the only tools in our arsenal to stop really severe attacks. From my own experience, I can tell you that, first of all, I empathize! I have been there many times with the mania and insomnia (and for me weepiness, moodiness, weight gain etc) but I can also attest that I've been on many many courses in my lifetime and each time is quite different. Sometimes I'm pretty chill and can work, sleep, function normally. Other times I'm more of a mess.

I started Xolair last year which has helped me have to take prednisone less often. Has your doctor talked to you about that or other biologics?

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That’s reassuring that it can be different every time! I’m sorry you struggle with them too - they worked a treat for my breathing aside from driving me mental lol.

I changed to fostair from clenil only 4 weeks ago so I’m wondering if trying something else will be next step once I’ve been on fostair longer. Hopefully it will kick in soon, I understand it takes 6 weeks. Xx

I wish there was something besides prednisone. I have heard that CBD may help with inflammation but my allergist does not have experience with it.

I have been able to use less prednisone since starting Xolair. The last time I needed it, I had to start it later in the day, after dinner. I continued to take it in the evening and had better sleep on prednisone than I ever did before! Someone on this forum said that it helped her. It really made a difference for me.

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