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Self Administration of Biologicals


Hi all.

My routine Xolair appointment yesterday, they explained that next time I’m in, they’re going to teach me how to administer my own Xolair to save going into hospital each month.

I’ve seen self-administration it biologicals mentioned quite a few times in here so was wondering if anyone could share their experience in doing so?

I’m not scared of needles but am super anxious at the thought of injecting myself. I think I could cope with just the one injection but the thought of four in one sitting freaks me out!

Any words of advice greatly appreciated :)

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It isn't quite the same, but I'm on a treatment for my immune system that means I have to site a couple of needles under the skin in my belly and infuse medication through them for a couple of hours each week.

I won't lie, it is really weird but you do get used to it over time. Try asking the nurses for their tips on the easiest way to inject things as they're the experts! The best technique will vary depending on the sort of delivery system it is (not sure if the home ones are any different to in clinic!) - some bios are syringes you slowly inject and some are injector pens like epi-pens so you just push down on them.

Generally for injecting stuff make sure you get it out of the fridge a bit beforehand so it can warm up to room temperature - if its really cold it will hurt more! Also for picking a place to inject somewhere with plenty of "padding" is good - I imagine the thigh will be easiest for doing it yourself at home - when training me my nurses suggested sitting on a chair, sticking my leg out straight and relaxing muscles to find a good squishy area.

More than anything I did just have to keep reminding myself that it was worth it for the potential benefit I would get if it helped until I got better about it! Although that being said I've been doing it weekly since last September and I still often have to pause and take a breath before doing it!

This is really helps, thanks! I’m super anxious about it but have got 4 more weeks to mentally prepare myself haha

My shots are so easy to use, not sure if you’ll have the same ones but after I push the plunger all the way down it automatically pops out which is super helpful. You’ll get used to it! Just go slow and don’t forget to wipe the area down with rubbing alcohol first. (I always almost forget that for some reason).

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Oh, I think they’re the ones the nurses uses. If that’s the case, that sounds a lot more manageable. I may even request them if not. Thank you!!

Again not quite the same but I felt like you about giving myself injections - not scared of needles, but more like 'aghh I will mess this up'.

I got training in how to use my emergency hydrocortisone injection for adrenal insufficiency but felt I would still struggle when it came to it.

Then at Christmas (such great timing) I actually had to use it, and I managed to prepare (solution has to be mixed), draw up and inject myself in the thigh during an adrenal crisis (which I have to say doesn't really do good things to your brain so I felt I did pretty well lol, even if it did take me longer than I should have to actually think about using it).

I hope that helps - I'm obviously hoping not to need it again but I do feel more confident if I have to, after that, so hope it shows you it is doable!

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Even though it’s not the same, it’s really similar and reassures me a lot. Thanks for sharing 😁

Hi, I’ve been self-injecting my Xolair at home since the pandemic started. It’s incredibly simple and quick! I have two injections at a time and use one on the left side of my abdomen and one on the right (thighs are another option as well as upper arms but obv impossible when doing it yourself).

I was a bit apprehensive initially but it really is so easy. Just grab some fat and then a confident push of the needle into the skin and then steady push on the plunger. No need to pull it out as the mechanism just shoots back out itself once the plunger has been depressed all the way.

My other half has a needle phobia so I’m sure to do it in a quiet room away from him 😄

You’ll get a trendy bright yellow sharps bucket too which the council collects (and replaces too, I think... can’t recall what I was told and not reached the stage of filling up my first bucket yet).

Let me know if you have any questions 😊

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This has really reassured me!! Thank you. Understanding the simplicity of the mechanism certainly helps.

If it was just one injection, I don’t think I would feel as nervous but the thought of injecting myself with 4 injections at a time is what unnerves me 🙈

I guess I just got to put my big girl pants on and just get on with it, haha!

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Glad to hear it’s helped. 4 injections does seem overwhelming but I’m sure you’ll get used to it soon enough 😊 Yeah haha my mentality is hey it’s just something I have to do, kind of like going to the dentist. And just think of the time it’ll save not having to go to the hospital!

I’ve been administering my own Mepo since the start of the pandemic. I was a bit apprehensive at first and felt a bit nervous but it’s been fine. After a few times you will be a pro and wonder why you were ever worried. Good luck xx

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Thanks for sharing this. Knowing how people have adapted to home administration with such ease really helps!!

My 18 year old daughter now has her injection at home since the pandemic. I had the very brief training, it really is simple. She wanted me to do it, as she was also scared. She now says there was nothing to worry about. Actually saves half a day spent travelling to hospital and waiting round after the injection while been monitored.

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This is great to hear, thank you! If an 18 year old can do with with such ease, then I’m sure that I’m also as capable 😁

Glad to hear that it’s working well for her 👍🏽

I am on Benralizumab and have given myself my last two injections at home. It's very straightforward with very little pain involved. You will do fine.

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Thanks for the encouragement 🤗

Hi. Next week is my second at hoem. Mind you I only have to give myself 1. Its into the thigh, and really easy. Mind you innpast had to give myself injection for a PE into belly, so thigh always better. Hope it goes ok

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Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s certainly giving me confidence learning of other people’s experience with home admin!

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