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Hi, I posted on her a while back, my asthma symptoms had come back after having none for around 15/20 years, in the last month they have had me on two different preventers both made my symptoms worse so I stopped them. I’ve had a chest x-ray & ECG and all normal so I’m now to start Montelukast, has anyone been on this and has it worked? I’m at the end of my tether! I ran a half marathon 6 months ago and now I can barely get to the top of of the stairs without being tight chested and struggling to catch a breath!

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Yeah I’m on montelukast, it’s quite a common drug for people with asthma. It reduces the chance of your throat narrowing and can be used as an antihistamine.

I can usually tell if I’ve forgotten a dose as my cough comes back quickly. I find it’s okay.

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Sb18 in reply to KnPoa

Thank you

Hi. Sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. It’s exhausting and all consuming. Just wanted to let you know that montelukast changed my life. My asthma transformed on it. Been on it 3 years now and no side effects. I really hope it does for you what it has done for me. Alongside it I take symbicort morning and evening. Funnily enough I can only have the dry powder turbohaler. If I have it from a normal spray puffer it seems to not work. Good luck.

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Sb18 in reply to Cross-fit

Thank you fingers crossed this does the job

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I can't take the aerosol type inhalers. The propellant seems to affect me badly.

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This is why they have put me on this tablet as it seems the inhaler itself is what’s causing the symptoms

Can you ask to change inhaler if that's what's known to be causing your problem. (Not necessarily easy I know)

Yes I’ve had a few different ones now so that’s why we are trying this, she said if it doesn’t work then I need to work through all the different inhalers until I find one that suits me, I’m really really hoping it’s seasonal with hayfever

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Babela in reply to Sb18

Have you tried using a spacer with inhalers it does help .

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Yes that was one of the first things I tried thanks for thinking of it though

It's good that they're willing to try you with different inhalers. Often that can be quite a battle. I hope you find one that suits you.

I’m lucky to have a great local gp surgery and asthma specialist nothing is a battle they and I just want to get me back to where I normally am! (Avoiding gp surgery’s ) I do hear horror story’s about patients having to battle to get medication

I resisted Montelukast for a long time having read a lot of negative comments about it. Last Christmas needed another lot of prednisone and finally gave in. Had NO side effects and during the day my cough has pretty well gone unless stressed.

So give it a go it’s great.

Been on it for a year and it’s been brilliant! Settled my asthma completely and no side effects 👍🏻

Montelukast works for me too, but I did have a settle down time, with very vivid dreams, for a while Also the effect on my asthma was gradual. I was going through a difficult stage, and was willing to give anything a try, so persevered. After about six weeks, I was very glad I’d started it. Been using Montelukast for about five years now, I’d certainly recommend you give it a try.

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Thank you, I’ll keep going with it

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I was on it for a while and found it really helped. But WOW!!! , the dreams I had would rival any Stephen King novel and unfortunately had to come off them for my own sanity. I know that only a small amount of people suffer from this so it is still worth giving it a go.

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Yeah I’ve read that it can give you nightmares but going to give it a go as you said not everyone will get them, I also ready you can take it on a morning which could help with weird dreams,

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I was told to take it before I went to bed which probably didn't help. I actually considered taking up writing from the inspiration of the dreams it gave me :) Did find it really helped my asthma after a few weeks though saddened I can't take it anymore.

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You should give the writing ago! Can you not ask your dr if you can take it in the morning instead?

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Fortunately I've now managed to get my asthma under control by identifying my triggers and avoiding them, but I've kept a stock in case I want to return to the thought of writing :)

I have been the same. Have asthma 30 years avd never bothered me. I did a half marathon in October. In December starting breathing problems along with blocked sinuses.

IN January doctor sent me into A&E as I had chest pain and breathlessness. After having chest X-ray and blood tests and an ecg was sent home , everything was clear. Then I got gradually worse and not being able to walk 100yds.

Returned to doctor on 9 March where she asked me what hospital gave me for lung infection on 30 January . So I had to go straight back in as I had pneumonia from that date and was left for 6 weeks with this infection. 2 weeks after having treatment for pneumonia I was breathless and my oxygen levels were so low I needed oxygen. I was I hospital for 4 days using oxygen all day and night along with nebuliser. I have had at least 10 courses if steroids and antibiotics since December. I’m now out walking again but my chest still feed heavy. Using ventolin and symbicort.

I was very fit and healthy before this doing 23km some days,

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Sb18 in reply to Eibhlinn

Sorry to hear you’ve had such I rough time, my half marathon was in October too I did the Cardiff half? Its been really hard going from fit and fairly strong and minimal asthma symptoms to struggling to catch a breath, I did take the Montelukast last night and feel ok today but then it comes and goes anyway! Good luck with your walking take it steady and you’ll be jogging in no time

Been on montelukast 20 years now - it's the only thing that works for me. No side effects, tho I get plenty from other meds, including most inhalers. Worth a try.

Hi Sb18 reading you message, I am exactly like you all under control till last September got a barking cough still think I had a virus ,was swimming, every week 70 lengths, had X-ray Which my left airways in left lung are closed and i have been through hell with this phlegm don’t know if you had this but, have been on montelukast for a month which finishes tomorrow and I must say in my case it has really helped its took nearly the whole month to kick in, it’s not quite there as I still have a little phlegm but I am getting in touch with my GP Monday as I am concerned when the tablets stop I will go back to square one, and like you I like to be active and struggle at moment Hope you are better soon and the Montelukast helps you

Stay safe

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Sb18 in reply to Dachshund1

Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough time, seems like you’ve had it a lot worse than me. I haven’t had a cough or phlegm although I often do get that but usually after a bout of sinusitis! It’s just been my chest and breathing with no signs of chest infection, had 48hours of Montelukast now so hopefully will work, hope you get sorted

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Anjidav in reply to Dachshund1

Hello, I am glad to hear you are well on the montelukast. I have just started on this now. I have had a morning phlegm problem for 2 years and this is the first positive action I have had so I really hope it works. Like others on here I was fit and well and then suddenly couldn't breath well to exercise . It could be linked to general anaesthetic or the menopause for me but I am really hopeful montelukast is the answer! Good luck with your asthma.

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Dachshund1 in reply to Anjidav

Hello Anjidav ,yes I am taking montelukast 1 at night and carbocistien 2 x3 a day this is my 4th month and its took time for me to feel better the phlegm and cough was quite intense at times but I must say it has been very beneficial and have not coughed or had the phlegm Only once in a week,I have three weeks left of this months prescription so I’m hoping I will not need another month and hoping it won’t come back,my ashma nurse said if I have any more problem I will have to see doctor again so I don’t think she will give me any more,I hope montelukast works for you give it time to work could take several weeks,hope you get well soon

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