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12 week shielding rule

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Hi I'm currently self isolating for 7 days , I have been told by my local asthma nurse to isolate due to cough .

Also can you please advise me on the 12 week shielding rule. As I have Asthma and I work ,my company are concerned . My nurse as asked me to contact you for further information .

I am on the MART regime and take the following inhaler .

Forstair 100/6 . 2 puffs twice a day up to 8 when needed

I am sorry to bother you at this busy time, and look forward to your reply.


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Hi Zulu, you have posted on the Asthma UK forum where most members are patients. If you visit the Asthma UK website, you might find the answers you want in this section.


Take care and stay safe. XXX

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Thank you , did check the other day but was still a bit confused . it didn't seem to answer the question. Will check with GP on monday . Everyone stay safe .

Check with your GP. The medical conditions classed as extremely vulnerable are listed on the government website. Medication is not listed.

Hi Zulu,

I hope you found the answer to your question

Stay Safe

Thanks I have been in touch with my Gp . He told me I was borderline for being on the 12 week shielding , because I have not had to attend hospital in the last 12 months I could return to work , with stricked social distancing

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