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How long will symptoms last

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I have been struggling with my Asthma for 3 weeks now after a chest infection. I had no cough or chest infection symptoms other than what has been described as a few cackles. Have been taking 4 puffs of the brown inhaler twice a day and 2 puffs blue as and when needed. I still feel just as bad if not worse as beginning to feel anxious too. Now struggling to know if this is actually asthma or stress related? I only tend to get asthma when I have a cold or chest infection.

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I would go back to the GP. It's worth just having him/her listen to your chest, for peace of mind if nothing else. I've been ill since the Saturday before Christmas and I had to go back to the GP again today. She said that I wasn't wheezy but I still have an infection on my chest. So onto a second lot of antibiotics. Will see how it goes. I think this infection that is going around is particularly bad. Hope you feel better soon.

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I agree, this infection is awful. A visit to the gp will put your mind at rest. Things can change very quickly.

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