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Cardiac asthma and asthma

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How to know if I have cardiac asthma (heart dysfunction) or normal asthma? After my researching they seem to have similar symptoms. Lately I've been experiencing shortness and hard to breath fully, sore and dry throat, cough, dry cough mostly and the cough is controllable. I sometimes feel sharp pain in the middle of my chest, and sometimes pain in my left chest to the back too. I don't know if I have wheezing or not. Thanks!

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I to get chest pain but I think that's normal with a lot of asthmatics. Best advice I can give is to see your doc and he will be able to put your mind at rest

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Michln in reply to starveycat

Do you get pain in your left chest too? That's what concerning me the most, I'm setting up an appointment with my doctor now.

Every symptom you list there is consistent with LPR (silent reflux)

If your peak flow is not dropping but you still have SOB then you should investigate LPR.

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