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Polyic,Sinuses and face tingling


While I wait for a referral to ENT by exceptional funding request I have developed another symptom. Off and on tingling on left side of my face the tingling has started up again and has stayed.

It's a watch and wait was the advice of GP today. He did look up my nose again. Small custers of poltics. Using decongest spray after one month of steroid nasal drops.

Face feels really weird worse at night?! Taking panadol for headache due to being congested. Any other thoughts. Yes steaming as douching isn't working.

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Hi I felt I wanted to reply though I don't know any of your other health conditions and I have no medical knowledge. But, a few years ago I had tingling in the left side of my face, the doctor said it's anxiety. Anyway it got worse over the weeks. Long story short, it turned out to be a serious infection, not anxiety, which by that time had spread across the inside of my face, down my neck and up the back of my head and required surgery under general anesthesic. When I read your post it just made me think of that. I don't know if it could be at all what you have but I thought I'd mention it incase it can help you at all. I hope you feel better soon and get some answers to what's going on with you.

Thank you for your input. My health conditions are Asthma, Painful Bladder syndrome and acid reflux.

I sorry to hear that you had such a rough time. I am not expecting anything like that but of course will be careful to keep an eye on myself.

hopefully you will be getting good advice by now.

My sinusistis has got worse for some time in spite of medication. was quite surprised when my Gp gave me seven days course of antibiotic. It really seems to be helping. I nomrally take nasophan and antistiamnies as well which i have conintiued. Hoping it lasts. xxx

Thank you for your advice. I using nasonex 1 puff's in each nostril twice a day as prescribed by my doctors.

My face started to tingle yesterday and was told last time by a GP it was my nerves in my face. Still doing it today. Hi

Probably been adutated by the wind and cold water.

I am waiting patiently in prayer for the request for my poltyic to be removed.

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