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? Bronchitis


Hi All

I was diagnosed this time last year after bronchitis following a cold - I am suffering the same again this year...just cannot stop coughing. Upped inhaler, using painkillers & still getting exhausted with the coughing. Any other tips? I do not feel particularly unwell just constant cough which is never ending wondered if others have had this & found relief! Thanks

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I'd see the GP if it is not improving just to get checked that there is no lung infection.

Coughing constantly is exhausting. If there is no infection then symptomatic relief such as honey and lemon, vic type steam inhalations, salt gargle mouth washes are things I've used in the past, but not an expert on bronchitis - hope you feel better soon. There do seem to be quite a few bugs doing the rounds at the moment.

Catheec in reply to strongmouse

Thanks yes started steam inhalation now & will try salt water mouth washes as well good tip!! Thank you 🙏🏻 I think I have turned the corner today coughing less today hurrah. Loads of bugs agree it is just having asthma complicates it so much! Hey ho - had my flu jab so hopefully this is all I get this autumn/winter, thanks again x

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