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Possible Asthma Attack


Morning all, sorry to sound random but i never know if ive had an asthma attack or not as i wont go to the a&e dept, and rarely visit the dr unless i genuinely need to. After my last consultation where the dr made me feel a total fraud as all my sats pf etc where fine, I live with a constant cough but this weekend ive been pretty bad. i went for a walk friday evening and after ten minutes i was aching all over, shaking and couldnt breathe, my usual cough wouldnt even work. so i went on my asthma treatment plan which is upping my flutiform to 4 times a day and same for ventolin, this morning i feel a lot better tho my back still aches. Should i go to drs to get checked over even tho i know im not wheezing? hate wasting time. but its always after the event when i think heck that was an attack.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Hi sorry to hear that you’re not doing to well

You should definitely so and see you GP and let them know what happen and what you’ve done to stop it (upped meds etc).

The easiest way to tell if you’re having an attack is by PF (obvs) but if not, try to work out whether initially it was breathing in or breathing out which was hardest. Also did the ventolin help calm in down and how long did it take to work? It could be that you have a virus or it could be that you’ve had an attack, but as an asthmatic if you’ve got a virus or infection you still need to let your GP know just in case.

Hope that helps x

tigga61 in reply to EmmaF91

Thanks Emma, I have a Fone triage later but will prob need to see them, I’m away next week so need to get on top of things and make sure I’ve enough meds d

wwefan in reply to tigga61

please see your gp,i nearly died from an asthma attack your doc may get you to see the asthma nurse,my asthma is not stable yet but she put me on a new asthma med and so far am doing well on it plz don't wait don't forget asthma can be a killer the help is there for you

tigga61 in reply to wwefan

Hi thank you I got in to see a gap seems I’ve had asthma attack and got chest infection not too bad but not the best either now on press and amoxy x got hopspital appt 29th hopefully goes better than my last one x

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