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Useless GP's. I don't trust them anymore with managing my asthma and health!


At my doctors appointment today, I had a new doctor who was very dismissive of all of my health conditions. One of the things he said was 'there is nothing seriously wrong with you'. Does brittle asthma not come under that catagory? if i have an attack i can guarantee i'm liekly to end up in intensive care and either on NIV or ventilated. I also have dysphagia and aspirate lots, which gives me so many chest infection which sets my asthma off. I spend most my life either in hospital or at home doing chest clearance, nebulisers, postural dranage and using chest clearing device to help keep me breathing. I don't see how having this and it being so poorly controlled.. that it doesn't come under the 'having anything severely wrong' catagory. He also said 'no reason to be on all these steroids' without even asking about my asthma or how it is at the moment. Or even doing my obs. I mean my sats today alone have been 90%-94% which isn't terrible but not perfect! My Feno's on 80mg steroids are still 25-30. so thats how much it takes to calm my inflammation down. 40mg doesn't even do much! I really lose faith in the GP's in managing my asthma, this is why i sit at home and dont see a doctor when my asthma is bad. because i don't trust them one bit! Another doctor at the same practice told me ' all asthmatics wheeze, no such thing as a silent chest' in which i am one of those, i dont always wheeze and when i go silent chest i need to be in hospital ASAP... and she dismissed saying as no wheeze i dont need steroids increasing or hospital.

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I’m so sorry - that sounds really rubbish. Could you ask to be referred to a Chest Consultant?? I have brittle asthma and it’s tricky. Very tricky!

All best

Liz x

This doctor sound like a right idiot - nothing seriously wrong with you indeed. Tell him to try breathing through a straw so he has an idea what it is like.I would see someone else much more sympathetic in future. I have this picture in my head now of him being tied down trying to breathe through a straw with his face going slowly purple then blue and standing there laughing at him, while telling him there is nothing seriously wrong with him! :)

As a late middle aged woman I tend to find middle aged male doctors are the worst as they put most things down to being a neurotic attention seeking woman! I find young males ones or female ones the best so maybe seek out one of those?

Good luck with this. x

It does make me puzzled why some doctors think asthma isn't serious, as if breathing is not all that important.

I agree with you .it makes me also so confused and I am so worried that doctors are not confident. take care

So sorry to hear about your experience with your gp's. Do you have access to a nurse rather than gp? My surgery has a regular asthma clinic with a nurse who has a lot of knowledge of asthma (i assume she's done some specialist training). I always try to see her and only make an appointment with a gp as a last resort as they seem to know less about how to manage asthma. From the posts I've read on here it seems that some surgery's are a lot more geared up to treat asthma, i.e. running these nurse led asthma clinics, than others. I wonder if it would be worth seeking out a surgery with something like this if you don't have access to this currently?

I've started fighting back at the docters you know what your body is doing not them fed up with people telling me how I am and what I should be feeling make a stand and demand results it works all my life I've sat there thinking they know best now at 61years I'm listened to .

strongmouse in reply to greggs

Yes, it is very arrogant for any doctor to assume they know best. I'd point out my previous hospital admissions and ask him what training and experience he has in asthma? Doctors do NOT know everything. Some newly qualified doctors think they need to 'show that they know' when in fact they are clueless. I used to take information in with me about my condition from recognised professional resource, plus a record of my own health issues with dates. Over the last few years we have had a brilliant doctor who really works with the patients and treats them with respect. Unfortunatley she is leaving. Time to "start training" another doctor! Sigh.

They forget that we are their to consult them not to be put down or dismissed. Sorry that you have had such a horrible experience and hope that you get the help you need from a good doctor.

Was attending a gp for my asthma was not getting any better. I referred myself to a respiratory consultant he is just brilliant. I see him for a check up once a year

I went through this with my GP surgery. They just kept giving me antibiotics but never treated the underlying asthma. I ended up in hospital with the consultant asking why I hadn't been referred to her before! Fortunately, my GP now gets me. The problem is that he tends to let me treat myself, which isn't always the best. It gives me flexibility but what I want is reassurance that I'm doing the right thing. I would agree with the above to try to get a referral to a respiratory consultant. If you are really upset, make a complaint at the surgery. I did that and my care improved after that. It's not always the case, but I know that it helped I mine. Good luck. x

Sounds like a complete ass. One of my doctors said it was stress and that i needed to exercise. I was 0laying netball, umpiring and coaching and walking my dog before I got ill. I do not see the doc now. I am under two specialists who have been fantastic

sorry to hear that today I had been to nurse and told that I am getting side effects she had prescribed me Aerosol preventer and said it will have side effects on one side of the chest. I am so confused and worried about taking this all inhaler. I don't think nurses understand the feeling and stress we go through

Don',t you want to go into a medical

School and tell them how it is! If it would do any good?

My feno has been 180. I am hoping when i start Mepolizamub next week things will improve. Fingers crossed xx


Go to the GMC about them

I was told about 47 years ago when I was 15yrs old I didnt have asthma by one doctor funny thing is all the other doctors Ive seen over the years just listen to my chest and immediately say are you asthmatic without looking at my medical notes what im trying to say is one doctor out of atleast 10 if not more that I have seen obviously didnt know a thing about asthma dont worry about it just refuse to see her again .

I am sorry to her of your issues. Have you tried nasal breathing. Mouth breathing often occurs when the body is stressed and can cause other side effects like panic attacks etc

Have a look at Buteyko technique. It really helped me after 50 years of struggling.

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