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Latest advice for stepping up and down inhalers.

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Where would I find the latest advice for stepping up and down inhalers?

Currently on Fostair 200/6 nexthaler two puffs twice a day and monkelaust. (Since november 2017) What stage does that make me?

It used to be 12 weeks without any symptoms e.g not needing Ventolin.

Thank you

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you can read the latest GINA (the Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention) report here:

But don't reduce anything on your own, consult your doctor.

Hi I should imagine your doctor should know all about this so i would make an appointment.

Not sure what you mean about stages. As far as I'm aware there aren't stages in asthma just different types. There are stages in copd - do you have this as well? If so you need to ask your nurse/doctor for your last spirometry results for your FEV1. This will tell you your lung function and consequently what stage you are at. x

He means on the stepwise asthma management i think and they go from 1-5 (maybe 6)

Oh I see thanks. Never heard of that before! x

I'm gonna hazard a guess that your about step 5 on the stepwise asthma action plan... I think I'm step 4... but needless to say it's higher than I would like it to be but I never have much success stepping down from where i am

Thank you folks. The stepwise plan has been replaced. I use to be on step 4 according to above medication I am on. Just seen a consulate(see my other post) and now am back to GP care.

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