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Hi all .... not been on for ages, been riding the prednisone roller coaster !! Haha

For those that can remember, I was on xolair for 12 months but after several Attempts too wean from pred I was only able to reduce to 20mg daily before I deterioration and told to return to my base line of 25/30mg ... have now been maintained on this for some 3 years (not good) osteoporosis confirmed among other problems ... anyway some good news today from the Brompton, finally got the approval for mepolizumab trials ..... just wondering for those that already have this treatment, hoe successful it’s been? Any side affects and were able to come off pred completly ???

Sorry for the long post guys !!


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Hi Mark

I too was on Omalizumab for 4 years, I used to have 4x injections every 4 weeks it was helping me for the first 2 years, then it seemed to become less effective after I had a bout of pneumonia.

I was swapped over to Mepolizumab in May 2017, I have had no ill effects from the injections, I have only had 1 bad day with my asthma I was coughing a lot more than usual and my wife said I should go to the doctor. I had an asthma attack in the GP surgery, he called for an ambulance and I had 2x nebs in the ambulance, by the time I got to A&E my breathing etc had settled down, I was given abs but no steroids. I had 5 days of abs & pred over xmas due to a chest infection, this is normally my bad time anyway and I usually have 4 or 5 A&E visits over the winter period.

At my last visit for my jab (only 1 injection with Mepolizumab) I was told they will be keeping me on it as it seems to be keeping me out of hospital and off the preds.

I was also put on Fostair 200/6 October 16, that seems to have helped improve my peak flows I am 500+ 3-4 days a week, rather than once every month or two.

Mark, you mentioned Osteoporosis and I wondered if you are having treatment for it? Hope the new treatment is successful.

Mark-f in reply to angievere

Hi .... yes I take iCal-d3 1000mg/880iu .. not sure if this helps or not . I’m having my 2 yearly dexa scan in June , so I’ll find out then if bone density has deteriorated or stayed the same

Good luck with the scan.

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