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Eosinophilic Asthma and Mepolizumab

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Hi everyone

I have been successfully controlled by Mepo for just over 4 years. However just recently it has stopped working as effectively. I am being reviewed by my consultant. Has this happened to anyone else and if so what drug have they replaced this with?

Many thanks,

Corinne 😁🙏

5 Replies
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Hi, I’m on my 3rd biological I started on xolair approximately 13/14 years ago and after 3/4 years my medical team and myself felt it was working so stopped at taking I became very unwell over the next 6 years (ventilations) then I started mepo which I had various side effects severe hives, headaches and flu like systems so after 6 months I changed to benralizumab which I’ve been on for nearly 3 years.

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corinneyvonne in reply to EllenBristol

Thanks Ellen. I have side effects with Mepo too which I can cope with as was controlling my SEA. I am hoping that they will be put me on Benralizumab but has to go to the panel for discussion first 🤦‍♀️🤞🙏

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Yes this happened to me on mepolizomab, I was switched to Benralizumab, much better than mepolizomab but about 5 times the price so the criteria is a bit more strict

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Hotchops in reply to Mark-f

Did you put on any weight when you changed over fròm mepolzuma ?

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corinneyvonne in reply to Mark-f

Thanks Mark. My FeNO has gone back up to over 130 which is what it was before Mepo. Cost is always the issue as depends on whether my PCT will pay for this drug 🤞🙏

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