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I was recently diagnosed and also had a month follow up appoitment as well. I had a cough for a couple of months previous to going to doctors (hence why i went). They diagnosed 'asthma' using a Spirometry test. I performed approx 10 % better with sabutimol. The nurse said to be technically diagnosed as asthma it has to be 15% better. However they did prescribe me a reliever inhaler but i have never felt out of breath / wheased for no reason before.

Has any one else been in this position? Just curious as the cough has more or less gone and i am currently taking nothing.

When i went to doctors i never thought it would be asthma related and still not convinced

Any comments re the above welcome


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It’s a little bit hard to exactly track their thinking but if all you’ve been given is a blue inhaler it might just be a ‘better safe than sorry’ kind of thing.

However, it’s important to have an open mind. Asthma can develop ‘out of the blue’, doesn’t always come with a wheeze & you can get varying levels of peak flow change after taking a blue inhaler. The fact you got some change means they’ve spotted something.

The key thing though is how you feel. The sole purpose of a blue inhaler is to help you breathe better & if you are doing anyway, just keep it handy in case. Please do keep an eye on any symptoms though, as this MIGHT be an early warning that you’re developing asthma.

Cheers good to hear things from other people. Appreciated

This is similar to my experience and diagnosis. I hardly wheeze unless I have flu or hayfever and I get a cough from time to time. It’s good to know though - because when I do have flu or hayfever and I’m wheezing all over the place they do take good care of me.

hughsaints in reply to gamba

Cheers for the reply sounds interesting - i do get moderate hay feaver and have read asthma can be linked to allergies and wondering if it will be different this year as its end of winter

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