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Turmeric for asthma

Hi Not sure if this has been asked before, not been on here for a while. Has anyone had any experience with taking Turmeric when asthma is playing up. I had a bad cold which went to my left lung and after two weeks, had enough taking those horrible steroids, so thought i would try turmeric as i am much better but asthma still not stopped yet. Arghhhhh

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Hi there has been a discussion in the past about turmeric and ginger;

In general, there’s no evidence that they can help asthma, but anecdotally they can help boost the immune system and thus help with colds etc (but no medical evidence).

Here’s what asthma uk has to say about complimentary/alternative therapies;

Hope that helps if you’re looking for alternatives to steroids, or to speed up the weaning process, although after a chest infection sometime you just need to take the steroids to ‘reboot’ your lungs back to their original state 😅


Someone told me about turmeric once so I looked it up. It does have anti-inflammatory properties but you would have to consume a couple of tonnes to get the same effect as low dose inhaled steroids and would have significant side effects from the turmeric at that level (I forget what but often efficacy comes with unintended effects).

I completely appreciate that pred is nasty but it is also quite effective and asthma is not to be messed with. I would however go back to your GP if you are not feeling any better after the steroids. You may need to take them longer or rhey may want to look at adding other medications even if temporarily, or increasing your dose of inhaled steroids for a bit.


It's the curcumin in turmeric that is supposed to have health benefits so yes, you'd have to consume a lot of tumeric to get the curcumin!

I've not read anything about it helping asthma, just inflammation. A friend makes up something called 'Golden Paste' for her arthritis.

For asthma I rather not take any risks and would take the pressure - even though I absolutely hate it. I always set my alarm for 5am to take it which does help with the sleep problems.


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