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Hi guys, just joined so thought i would say hello & share with you the benifits of ginger & tumeric , both of these are natural anti inflammatory & which i find help loads with asthma & c.o.p.d which is what i have . I started on the ginger a few months ago after a bad chest infection because the prednisolone didn't seem to be helping . I have 2 cups of ginger tea in the day which taste's yuk but worth it 😏 & 2 ginger root tablets which i get from the health food shop & i cannot say enough how good this stuff is . Tumeric which is found in curries etc again for me yuk 😊 but you can buy It as spice to mix with alsorts . So try it it may help you & it is natural coz it's helped me a lot i feel 100% better by using it every day. 😘

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  • Hi, just wondered if you have tried curcumin tablets, this is the concentrated good stuff from tumuric and is tasteless 👍. You need to check the % per tablet as there are lots of misleading advertisements.

  • Hi Gareth57 , never heard of it but will certainly check it out at the health food shop . Thank you

  • Hi Katiewoo,

    Thanks for sharing some of the useful tips that have worked for you with the community. There isn't significant evidence to support ginger and turmeric currently and you can find out more about diets and complementary therapies backed by research here:



  • Hi Dita , it is not my intention to mislead people as i,m sure you know ginger is well known for its health properties & as a anti inflammatory taken on a daily basis it helps boost the immune system & ward off infection ie chest infection etc which i,m sure you know contribute to bad asthma episodes. As i have read on this site many people are not getting the help & medication they need so to me any tip or suggestions i would like to think may help someone else .

  • Hi Nanny-G

    Of course, please do keep your tips and helpful suggestions coming, it's how the community supports each other. I wanted to make sure people reading had a chance to delve into research on this to provide some context. Hope that makes sense.



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