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Breathing test confirms ashma

Hi all :) so my last post i was very panicked over not knowing whats happening. Yesterday i had a prolonged breathing test which took longer than it should simply because after the first attempt my breathing went down hill. After 4 days of struggling i walked into the room fine and was worried the tests wouldnt show anything. It turned out i was wrong and the specialist witnessed i have bronco constriction, he said they have rarely seen it before and due to the perfect results showing it as i made good efforts on every reading, this will be used in a case study. I needed longer breaks then usual inbetween tests and my reliever was used before its usually requested but we found out ( i already knew) that where the reliever was opening the valves slightly it wasnt doing the full job and i ended up on the nebulizer as he hoped it would go up otherwise i would have had to go straight to a&e for a stronger dose before i could be left to leave. Luckily the nebulizer did the job so my score went up safe enough that i could go. He said without a doubt i have asthma and the bronco contriction is what i had been feeling since this all started in january, but it comes on out of the blue watching tv there are no triggers. Reports have gone to the consultant who i am seeing on the 18th of april but he advised me to go see my gp as i need a higher dose blue inhaler as it isnt fully working. I phoned gps today to get in, explained tothe receptionist, now i assumed this would be classed as a emergency as without proper treatment it can be fatal... im booked in for next Tuesday which i feel pants about as im having to take my inhaler frequently, the symptoms dont fully go which could be the reason i need to take it quite a bit during the day and knowing i can get further help from the gp but cant, im just praying these last few days of hell at the hands of my symptoms begin to ebb

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I am glad you are getting help now. It is no fun having asthma but knowing what is wrong will hopefully lead to your symptoms being controlled. Good luck and hope you feel better soon. x


Thank you. I phoned the asthma helpline and found them very helpful, the lady suggested i contact my doctor again regarding the reliever. I started a diary and found a pattern in my flare ups which are happening every 4 hours without fail. I spoke with my gp who refused to up the dosage of the blue inhaler and would only up the brown one which will take a few weeks to take effect so i am still having to use the inhaler every 4 hours with symptoms lasting upto 3 hours because it isnt doing the job right. I just have to be hopeful that this will all come to a end. I am exhausted, everything hurts from the constant flareups, lack of sleep since january


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