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Hi I've had a nasty cold so the Drs put me on a nebuliser (which didn't seem to help) and then gave me a course of steroids to take for 5 days (8 per day). I'm on my third day and my chest is just as tight........been taking the steroids religiously and the forstair 4 times a day as well as blue.....How long shall I wait until I go back to the doctors? Everywhere is hurting when I tried to breathe 😥😥😥

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On the fifth day if things are still bad.

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On the 5th day is a good idea, but wating until the end of the course might be a better one. You have to give these things time and kind of relax into being poorly. The more agitated you get, the longer it all takes to get better. Do whatever helps to calm you - music, radio, crossword, reading, or anything that can distract you without being strenuous.

I know this is easier said than done, but it does help a bit.


Hi usually when I'm like that it's a chest infection a lot of congestion (excessive) and pneumonia i' m not saying that's ur case but anyways,I would see doc again if u have a lot of anxiety or just uncertain about previous diagnosis go see doc again until there's mutual understanding if there's doubt,

good luck and I wish for the best take care


I'm going through the same scenario. I was instructed to go back to the doctor after finishing the five days of prednisone if my lungs still burned. The doctors generally limit prednisone to five days, but if they go longer, then an additional taper is necessary to regulate your body better. I hate the side effects of prednisone (face flushing, itching, weight gain...) but the prednisone / antibiotic combination really works for me. I have to do this about twice yearly.


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