Got a chest infection again?

Hi All,

I haven't posted for a few months since I got the flu in july-aug which was hell then recovered after big doses of preds. I was doing fine in sep-nov, was going back to the gym and was feeling great again :) now I got the dreaded sore throat two days ago, I'm getting tight chested again :(

Went to a GP early (still looking for a caring GP) but he was so uninterested in my slight wheeze but I know its a cold and ends up as a chest infection later then its hospital time again. GP gave me amoxcillin 500mg and preds 25mg.

Feeling anxious but still optimistic that I will recover quickly, its nearly summer in OZ but we had a week of rain were I got my bug.

Does anyone know how to avoid getting colds and chest infections? I'm clean and my house is tidy (touch of OCD I guess), eat well and a gym freak but its third time this year with chest infections? I'm at a lost.

(P.S Sorry for my grammer and writing, typing this on a crappy phone.)



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  • The only way to avoid them from an asthmatic perspective is to stay on top of your asthma. If your asthma is under control, you are less likely to develop a chest infection. Good luck and keep pushing with your GP. Don't let them fob you off.

  • Thanks, I will keep it under control before winter comes. what about the flu jab? I heard it makes you more sick is this true?


  • I get the flu jab every year. I do feel sore and flu-y afterwards, but I have never been worse because of it. I have also had the pneumonia jab. It's good to be protected.

  • Thanks, just wanted to know from an asthmatic. I will get one, hate needles though.

  • I have had to endure needles all my life (when I was a kid, I had weekly allergy injections, not that they helped!). My trick is never to look. Still, it's easier said than done. Good luck. x

  • Hi DavidJG

    There's no easy way to avoid chest infections/colds, but it's worth talking to your GP about your treatment and having a review of your asthma especially if you find it consistently worse at a certain time of year. There's more information here:

    Hope that helps,


  • Determined not to get an infection this winter but almost impossible in this country I'm afraid. I understand a daily sinus rinse helps, which I do and I've also taken to carrying around a small bottle of hand cleanser. I've become a bit of a germaphobe and use the cleanser all the time when out. Good luck.

  • Hi, I don't know if this is any help but here goes. I used to get lots of infections. I was put on Montelucast tablets and since then the number of chest infections have dramatically reduced. Also if I have a tickly throat, usually the sign of an impending cold, infection, I dose myself with honey, either in hot water with lemon (very old-fashioned I know) or by the spoonful. This has helped me enormously and cut feeling off to a couple of days, rather than weeks or months.

  • Hi Dave Like you, I got frequent colds. And then my doctor tested my vitamin D3 levels -- they were very low. I've been on a D3 supplement for almost three months and my immune system is so much better. So far, no colds. I get retested in a few weeks. Frequent colds can be a sign of low D3. If you're not getting a lot of sunshine, you may want to have your levels tested.

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