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Low immune system and flu nasal spray

My granddaughter was premature at 33 weeks and has a weak chest and low immune system. Two years ago she was given the flu spray which resulted in her being quite poorly and being in hospital for two weeks with pneumonia. On her discharge the doctor said she should not have been given the live virus. She has now started school and the other children in the class have had the flu nasal spray and she has started to become poorly with chesty cough/cold . Do you think she should avoid contact with classmates for a few days after they have all had the spray ?

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Sorry you are having such worries, I couldn’t say. I would phone the helpline for advice before she goes back.

Hope she feels better soon x


I agree with Happylondon. A call to the helpline on Monday morning would be sensible. I did check online before caring for my daughter’s baby while her three year old was taken to surgery for the nasal flu spray. I was concerned that the live vaccine might be a problem for me as an asthma sufferer. The advice I read was that it was only a danger for people with very seriously suppressed immune systems, such as those receiving chemotherapy or recent transplant patients. With your granddaughter’s history, though, a call to a specialist seems wise to me and hopefully will put your mind at rest.


Hi gsue55

Our nurse team suggest this leaflet might be worth a read: gov.uk/government/uploads/s...

As mentioned on the thread, do call the Asthma UK helpline on 0300 22 5800 (M-F, 9-5) for further advice and support.

Hope that helps,



Many thanks for your replies.My daughter has spoken to her GP who is very helpful and understanding .She has said she will monitor my granddaughters health and may suggest next year she has 2 days off school to avoid any problems again with the live virus. The majority of her class have had colds after the flu spray and the local hospital has had lots of admissions with bad chests. I do worry as I read that America have banned the flu spray so the pharmaceutical companies have got to palm the vaccine off to other countries.


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