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Montelukast question

Hi there. My daughter has just been given montelukast to take & I'm reading conflicting advice on when to take it concerning food.

The leaflet said to take on an empty stomach & at least an hour before food & other things I've read say with or without food.

Does it really matter or does anyone know if there is a particular reason? Her doctor said to take it at night & it's a nightmare trying to juggle her not eating beforehand as she always wants to snack on things (don't know where she puts it) lol! Just want to know if I'm worrying unnecessarily? If it was me I would probably wouldn't worry but different when it's your child. Thanks for any help

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Hi flowergirl78 I take mine of a night about 7 still eat on mine does no harm maybe just give her it just before she goes asleep hope this helps


Hi Flowergirl78

I asked the Asthma UK nurse team your query and they've advised if it's the chewable tablets she can take it an hour before food in the evening or two hours after food so hopefully that opens up the window a bit more for her snacking.

Hope that helps,



Thanks for the replies. Yes she is on the chewable tablets, which in itself is a struggle as she doesn't like them. At 7yrs I don't blame her, I wouldn't of at that age either. This will be a fun 5-6 weeks lol! I will work it somehow, that's what us mums do 😂


I take before I go to bed


If she doesn't like the tablets ask for the granules and sprinkle on a yogurt. My little one has a tablet before bed and to be honest i never realised it had to be taken at certain times around food. She is 5 and has been on montelukast for 4 years.


I take twice a day and for a reason too long to explain take before breakfast and after supper.

The chewable ones are not nice and definitely not cherry flavored


Hi, I’ve been on it a long time now and take it with my inhaler at bedtime. I’ve found this to be by far the best time and it was suggested by my Doc I took it at this time x

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I asked my 4-year old's Consultant the same question, and she said that a 4 year old's tummy should never be empty, so just take it at bedtime. :-)


I take it before bed . To be honest i dont even think it makes a huge difference because 3 years on and I am still coughing up flem all the time this was ment to help . I hope your daughter has better luck with it 😊


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