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Update on sister

Hi. My sister has been doing ok. Then on Monday she went to pulmonary rehabilitation where she had an asthma attack. They sent for my dad who took her to a and e where they gave her 3 lots of medication through nebulizer which eased it for her and sent her home. She has been diagnosed with eosinthic asthma. Does anyone else suffer from this sort of asthma.

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This had me intrigued. I've never heard of eosinthic asthma so I looked it up. There was nothing, not even a definition for eosinthic! "Eo" as a prefix means "origin" so I am assuming that it means that it is asthma with a synthetic origin. Synthetic could mean man-made so maybe it is something inhaled that has caused the asthma? Otherwise, I have nothing. Don't you hate it when doctors use terms that you don't understand? They should make these things clearer.

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Hi Twiddles2,

There is something called eosinophilic asthma, is that what your sister has? If so, I don't suffer from this but I'm fairly certain there are people on the forum who do. You could try doing another post asking if anyone knows anything about it and see if that gets you some answers.

Hope your sister feels better soon:-).

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