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How To Clear your Chest (Sputum / Phlegm)

Just discovered a Brilliant 'NHS Nurse Video' about easy, non-drug ways to better deal with Sputum and Phlegm. Note that although the Video Title suggests the 'Content' concerns Breathing Exercises, there's lots of other stuff covered too that's 'very' useful to know. Please watch, then 'Like', so more folk get to learn about it.

If you belong to any Asthma / Respiratory Groups (e.g. Respiratory Social Media / Forums etc) please let those folk know about it too. (If you're in the Medical Profession, please share with Colleagues / Patients).

Breath Easy


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Sorry; I can't see any link to the video.


My fault - I'll update the post - here's the link:

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Very useful. Thank you.


Thankyou this is very helpful


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