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Hi Guys

I'm writing on behalf of my little mum she's 84 bless her and has been suffering with polymyalgia all through the summer. She's an extreamly young and fit 84. She does her Rosemary Connaly work our 3 times a week is a size 8 and and loves to shop in Next. My query or help needed is that she just started taking Predinsolone for the Polymyalgia and she's worrying herself silly over the side effects that 'might' happen I'm trying my best to keep her calm but not understanding this drug myself I feel a bit out of my depth. Plus I live 6-7 hrs away from her. So it's not like I can pop in to give her a hug bless her. I think she's only on a small dose of 3 tablets for a week then to reduce them. She's been suffering the pain all through the summer because she's been so scared of the steroids. She only started them Friday gone, She's saying that her hands are shaking 😗 I can't see this in the list of side effects but wondered if it's from where she's just getting over worked up.


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My sister has Polymyalgia, and takes steroids for it, now at a low dose. Apparently it really is the best treatment. The steroids will have an effect on bone density which can be counteracted with exercise and the right drugs. The joint pain from polymyalgia is horrible, and steroids seem to work. I think that the issue can resolve quite quickly in about 18 months to 2 years, but you have come off the steroids really really slowly.

If your mother is so worried, I would try and persuaded her to go back to the doctor with a list of these types of questions written down, and ideally take someone with her. Also to take a note book with her so she can make notes about what the doctor actually says.

I always take a note book to any consultant appointment I have.

Not much help I'm afraid. I tend to only use Prednisolone in bursts at high levels when I am sick.



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As stated the main long term problem is lose of bone density, taking me as as an example I have been on them since 1988, at 40mg for six days reducing 20mg for 2 days, etc etc three or four times yearly, and I am border line osteopenia, and this may not develop into full blown osteoporosis, for many years with max vitamin D (sunlight) and revolting allendronic tablets. I hope this reassures your friend, you may have to spelling of a couple of words, because I don't have my notes with me.

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