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Recently diagnosed with severe allergies/Asthma


Good day All is Sue here,

I new to the site. I live in Cape Town South Africa, and have recently been diagnosed with Severe allergies. Main ones pollution and pollen, but I feel I am getting worse.. the GP has given me Pulmicort turbuhaler and Asthavent inhaler, not sure I am getting any relieve from the Pulmicort..

please let me know about your experiences with these.

🤗🤗 have a blessed day further

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Hi there,

Welcome to this forum. To answer your question, the pulmicort turbo haler is a steroid inhaler that will reduce the inflammation in your lungs. It will not give you instant relief. You need to use it as prescribed. This is a really good drug, but it takes about a week to 10 days to start having an effect and up to 3 weeks to reach its full effectiveness.

Asthavent, is albuterol, a quick acting reliever to reduce immediate symptoms.

As someone who is newly diagnosed it may take a while for your doctor to get your drugs at the right level. If you are still very symptomatic after taking these medications for a couple of weeks you need to go back to your doctor. There are lots and lots of different Asthma medications and some work better for some people than others.

If you are not taking an antihistamine, perhaps that would help. Also as you are allergic ask your doctor about taking a montelukast when you next see them.


Good evening

Thank you so much for replying to my message. This is a something new for me to deal with, and it doesn't help that a live in a beautiful country like Cape Town..

I have been taking the Pulmicort haler for 3 mths now and wasn't told it was this information.

Some days I can hardly breath with it, I was working and living in Dubai up to December 2016 and I was never this bad, only allergic to mosquito which caused me to be very sick indeed..

Have a blessed week..


Hi Joansie.

I've just put a load of stuff about salt therapy in other threads. Look it up on the internet. Salt inhaler, salt lights.

I have a salt inhaler & am convinced it's helped me.

I worked as an agency worker at Amazon for 5 months. No problem at all & I'm 57 :)

in reply to Martin153

Hi Martin, thanks for replying to me, I do have a himalaya lamp which helps but now the summer is coming I feel so ill with the pollen and pollution I have a very bad reaction to mosquitoes and now I have sand bites from my hike yesterday.. just so fed up.. it's only since I moved to Cape Town I suffer with asthma etc.

in reply to Jonesie

Pollen & pollution are a problem for many in a lot of places. Defo try the Himalayan salt inhaler. It claims to help with allergy problems. I have a duoresp spiromax inhaler that I just use once in the morning & once in the evening. I've found that brilliant.

Don't know your full situation but you make the comment.. "it's only since I moved to Cape Town I suffer with asthma etc.".

Where were you before? Could you move back or somewhere different?

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