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Hello, I've been asking my friends who suffer from asthma too and someone mentioned a Tiotropium inhaler? I've researched it and think that I may benefit from using this as it's meant to work wonders without having to use prednisone as I'm allergic to them. Do you think I could ask my asthma specialist/consultant for a trial? I've heard it's only meant for patients with COPD but in asthmatics it has been beneficial for them. Thank you

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Hi Jemm,

I have been on Tiotropium (Spiriva) for 15+ years, it is a long acting preventer, I only have 1 capsule in the morning. I have still had exacerbations while I've been on it, when I would need AB's & Pred, but at the time it was the only medication left to try and help me. You can have atropium in nebuliser form, so you would have to be careful about overdosing on this.


I take Tiotropium in the form of Spiriva Respimat. It is brilliant for me. I still occasionally need steroids but am generally far better than I was. Hope it works for you.


I was prescribed Spiriva (inhaler) a year ago for low level difficult asthma. I don't have COPD. I was told Spiriva is increasingly prescribed for asthmatics.

I would ask your consultant about it. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.

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