Can you share your experience of asthma during pregnancy?

Hi all,

We're looking for someone who has recently had a baby and suffered with their asthma more than usual during pregnancy. We looking to improve our content for women and know that some of you have had asthma problems relating to hormones, so it would be great to talk to someone so we support more people with your experience.

Please feel free to PM or email me on



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  • my asthma did worsen in pregnancy and i had to take all the meds baby was fine , no worries, Asthma usually worsens or improves , must have something to do with change in hormones i think x

  • hi raindrops14 and Khuliso

    Thanks for your replies. Would you both be happy to have a bit of a chat about how it was for you? We don't have a lot of information about what to expect for people who are affected by their asthma and some ideas about how to manage?

    I can be reached on or PM your details and I can reach out.



  • I struggled in the first trimester then things easied up in the 2nd and 3rd trimester but was on daily mediacation and my peakflow was at 480 which was good, i struggled in the labour ward, dr suggested i be put on oxygen during the contractions but only dialated to 4cm before he decided we should go for ceaserian. Bt i knw ppl who ar asthmatics and gave birth naturally and their asthma disappeared during pregnancy

  • Had two pregnancies both boys premature and with both had pre eclampsia. First one was in and out of hospital; as just generally unwell and monitored by obstrictics as classed as high risk due to severe asthma. Second one admitted in for asthma attack, then found to be diabetic and then also in early labour which they tried to stop with medication but it didn't work. Gave both naturally to both, asthma was variable in pregnancy. From what I can recall I was on maintainace steroids.

  • Hi Dita, perhaps offtopic: Developed Asthma after First pregnancy, still uncontrolled, trying different inhaler. It seems the symtoms are worst during ovulation.

  • Hi Luinille,

    Would you happy to have a quick chat, feel free to PM or email me on

    It would be really useful to hear your story and talk about how you've found your asthma post pregnancy.



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