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Seretide or relvar ??

My asthma has been all over the place abit lately after continuous chest infections I've still got a constant cough my asthma nurse yesterday asked me to give relvar ago she said it may be brilliant for me it may not so just wondered if anyone else has tried this drug is it as brilliant as she said it could be ?? I've taken it once last night and now not due again till tonight is it something that takes time to work or should I see immediate results if Its gonna work for me ? Would love to know people's input on this drug Many thanks

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I'm on relvar. I found an initial improvement in things but after about 30 days or so I was back as I was. I'm still on it as it seems no better or worse than fostair that I was on before. X


I didn't get on with fostair this is why they are trying me on this I took mine before bed last night and I was abit tight chested this morning but seem ok fingers crossed it works x


I've never been on seretide but I really like relvar. I switched from symbicort 400 to relvar 184. For me what I like best is I don't shake after taking it ( the symbicort made me shake like a leaf)

Also I like that I take it in the morning and that is it for the day. The downside is I can't double it up if I have a flare up.

Hope it works for you, good luck xxx


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