Good morning guys , hope u all doing well they have upped my IV hydrocortisone now to 3 x a day as the 2 now bhelping me at all so we c if that helps only started the higher one last night so time will tell got to go for a tilt test this morning on the bed not looking forward to that one at all , i'm just hoping I don't have one of my funny turns over there as keep getting heaviness in chest like someone sitting on me and then I can't breath comes on so sudden it's horrible had a few say nice been here doc has seen them as well ,but not sure y peek flow normally 400 now 200.250 can't get it no higher . there saying I have all over wheeze seeing the big docs today c what he has to say had pick line in yesterday which is a gods end as cannula kept coming out well that's me take care have a great day everyone got to get on

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  • I hope your tilt test goes ok.

    I hope that the new treatment plan improves things for you.

  • Only higher up the hydrocortisone but hoping that will give it a kick big docs around today c what he got say x take care x

  • Let's know how the tilt test goes. What does it test for? Glad you got a pick line, as it makes things easier but sorry things are so serious that you needed it.

    R x

  • I am thinking of you. Hope all goes well.

  • Thanks Hun x

  • Lots of love and hugs xxx

  • Thinking of you.

  • Tracye, you are really an amazing person. So cheerful when your body isn't working with you . You have a beautiful soul. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Your meds will start working and you get some relief 😘

  • Sorry to hear you have problems still, maybe the new treatment and test will help for tonight.

  • How are you feeling now? Any improvement? The humidity is playing havoc with my breathing at the moment, with the air pressure fluctuations. I do feel a bit easier today though. Funny really, as just checked my peak flow, and it is between 150 and 180 as usual, and no wheeze unless I breathe out deeply. Off to Addenbrookes tomorrow for my next session of IV Immunoglobulin. Cant wait until I get trained up to inject myself three times a week, and don't have to go to hot stuffy hospital every three weeks. The 10mg Prednisolone I now take daily have not improved my peak flow. When I was a kid I used to have weekly steroid injections. What kind of hydrocortisone dose do they give IV?

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