Well meant to b admitted today in the RBH today for the ten days but no bed so they had a meeting earlier and said going to try and get me a bed for tomorrow but i'm not holding my breath second time not had a bed the other me nth ended up in local as went down bad as due from r the hydrocortisone my body knows when it's due for it and it knows now last few weeks been hard but just got push on and hope they get a bed or I end up in local again I hope everyone else doing well enjoy the rest of ur day x

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  • Tracye, so sorry you have to wait. Hope they get you in soon. Maybe should pre-book, lol.

  • I hope you get a bed. I know it's such a let down when you can't get a bed. Good luck.

  • I hope you get a bed tomorrow. It is not fair as you prepare yourself to be admitted and then turned away. It must be very stressful for you. Good luck Tracey for tomorrow xxx

  • I'm so sorry that your admittance has been delayed. I hope they get you in very soon.

  • Tracey, that's so frustrating for you but it's happening all over . No holding you're breath or you know what will happen, fingers crossed for tomorrow xx😇

  • Just had a phone call from hospital transport to say they picking me up about 12 so obviously they been told something he's ringing me at 10 am to c if I definitely going but I shouldn't of heard from him till hospital rings me so not sure what going on he said hospital rung him to pick me up fingers crossed hope u ok

  • Hope so sweetie , it at least looks promising I really hope it works out for you xx

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