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back to asthma nurse i go

Morning all hope your'e all well, well ive been on the Montelukast for over 2 weeks now, slight improvement in the asthma its definitely helped the constant cough tho i still have it but not as bad. my main concern is tiredness, im usually an insomniac but on monte its almost knocking me out. i hate the feeling of not being in control and as i drive a lot im finding it hard also my partner works away from home some nights and god forbid if anything was to happen i wouldnt hear a thing. and woke this morning after a good 9hour sleep still feeling half asleep. I stopped taking other meds for same reason, where do i go next? anyone else had side effect from monte.

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Hi tigga61 hope your feeling ok now am on montelukast have been since December and that's my only problem I have to drag myself out of bed even after a good night sleep other than that they work really well hope you get sorted soon


Thank you I'm giving it a few more weeks but finally getting a hospital referral, think nurse feels guilty as she was the one who,started changing my meds, bless

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Good luck πŸ‘Œ


Hi tigga, I have been on Montelukast for 3 years now, and feel that is all that keeps me going, and really helps dry up all the mucous clogging up my sinuses and chest. I take the Montelukast at night, but also Ceterizine in the morning, and I do feel very tired, but I put that down to the Ceterizine, which does tend to make one sleepy. I too am a regular insomniac, so put tiredness down to not actually getting enough sleep, in addition to the Ceterizine making me sleepy. Do not think its the Montelukast that is makeing me tired.


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