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Asthma developed after pregnancy, anyone else?



I wanted to share my story:

I never had asthma in my life before, but do have hayfever in the springtime. But these are mild and I usually manage it very well without antihistamine. When my husband and I decided to start a family, i coud not image I would go through hell. 1 day after my sons delivery I felt wheezy for the first time in my life and it got worse. My first doctor said, it was only a bronchtis and it would go away. But it didn't. My second doc than diagnosed asthma, but he does not believe me, that I have never asthma before and no one in my familiy has this too. After many visits to doctors and trying different inhalers, it does not improve my breathing. Now, 8 month after this, I still struggle nearly everyday mostly in the evening. But I gave up the steroid inhaler, since it does not improve my breathing. My lung doc finally says my hormone are still unbalanced, it needs time to settle. Now I am trying to wean off my baby, in hope it would get better.

My gynecolist says it hasnt do anything with my pregnancy, since he has never heard about it.

I searched google and do find some answer, that asthma can improve or worsen during pregnancy, but how about developed? And will it be better in time or do i have to live with it. I am very depressed, I had a active life, now I am always afraid, that I would get an attack, and the triggers seems unclear. Taking 1 antihistamine seems to work a bit, but it has not to do with the pollen.

Also since birth I got hives all over my body, but with 1 antihistamine a day, I have it under control.

Any storys of yours or advices are appreciated, sorry for my english (not native speaker)

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Hi Luinille

Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with asthma and that you are struggling. Some women are affected during or shortly after pregnancy but is not known exactly why these hormonal changes affect asthma symptoms. There's some more information on our website:

It sounds like you need some support so you could chat to one of our nurses or your GP. Please feel free to give our nurses team a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) and they can talk you through your medications and how you're feeling.

Take care, Dita

I have viretually identical experience to you although it developed about 3 months after giving birth to my son but was still feeding him. I am convinced it is something to do with carrying a boy as was fine after my daughter.

I now have quite bad asthma, allergies to foods that I could always eat previously and skin reactions to random things.

The only thing that keeps my stable is a strong anti histamine every day, montelucast and combination inhalers.

No one believes me it was linked to pregnancy but it is the only trigger I could think of. Prior to that I had mild hay fever treatable with over the counter drugs.

I quite glad someone else is saying the same things as everyone to date looks at me like I am mad!


Hello Ericabellhouse,

Thank you for sharing your story. I wanted to ask how long was your sons birth and did you tried to take the contraceptive pill after that? I have read it could improve somehow the asthma. I am still breastfeeding, but soon i weaned, i wanted to try some therapy. My mother bought some chinese medicines and me and my husband is considering a second, if there is a chance to improve my asthma. But i am very scared that i could inherit my illness to my children. My son is very healthy, but only 8 month old. I really hope he won't get this...

Developing asthma during pregnancy is definitely a 'thing'. My mother developed asthma whilst carrying me and that was easy back in 1954! She had it from then until the day she died in 1998 agreed 72. During that time I think that she must have had every asthma drug known as they were discovered and introduced. I well remember the old rubber bulb and glass tube inhaler before the aerosol inhalers that we all know were introduced in the mid 60s. At one time during the 60s she was receiving cortisone injections every other day administered by the district nurse. She was hospitalised at least once a year from about 1965 until about 1975 when, presumably, the menopause kicked in. Things did ease then but when she died she did have oxygen at home for occasional use and a nebulizer when things got a bit more serious. Despite all this she led a fairly full life and definitely a happy one.

As she developed asthma during pregnancy over half a century ago (and pregnancy was recognised by all as being the cause) then I'm very surprised that your doctors don't recognise the possibility today.

I was diagnosed with late onset asthma at the age of 50 but was told that my mother's condition had nothing to do with it and it was just coincidental.

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Hello Taztarr,

Thank you for your answer and sorry for your mother.

I have read that also the chance of devoloping asthma in the menopause is increases because of the hormone change. I hope you have it controllable.

I wanted to ask, dis your mother has another pregnancy after this, and if yes, does it change it somehow? You said, it was getting better, when she was in the menopause, but was her asthma always the same after years?

Sorry for the many questions, take care.


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Hello Luinille,

I am the youngest of two. My brother is 5 years older than I am. Mother had no asthma while carrying him and had no chest or breathing problems until I came along.

She was what was called a chronic asthmatic from the age of 28 although things did ease from her 50s.

I grew up knowing her with it so I do tend to take asthma very much in my stride. Which helps a great deal now that I have developed it myself. People around me seem to be more worried than I am when it gets bad. A lot of asthma problems are exacerbated by panicking so being calm I think helps.

Looking back I think het illness it did effect me a lot as a child though at the time it all seemed normal to me. My brother joined the navy at 16 so from the age of 11 I did a lot around the house. When mother went into hospital then I cleaned the house and made my father's meals for him arriving home. The experience has left me very independently minded which I don't think it's a bad thing.

I myself joined the navy in 1971. It could be that sub consciously my brother and I left home as soon as we could. Maybe - maybe not. Anyway we both turned out ok and can look after ourselves. Things got better for her in the 70s which I take to be because of the menopause but it could also be linked to both children reaching adulthood and leaving home. Asthma can be triggered by stress like child rearing and my mother was an extreme worrier.

Hope this helpful.

Hey! how are you doing now, Luinille? Thankyou so much for sharing your story- it helps a lot. During my first and so far only pregnancy I developed Bronchitis at about 30 weeks pregnant. Lots of chest mucus and coughing. Well, that lasted for 8 weeks. 1 month later, My cough went away but my mucus never did. Then, i had my baby. I hoped this would all go away. But- Not only do I still clear my throat form mucus constantly but I am having breathing issues. I felt like I wasn’t getting enough air one day after my shower, so I reached for an old albuterol inhaler (my doc gave me from bronchitis) and it actually worked to open up my airway. So, I haven’t gotten diagnosed with Asthma but I’m feeling like something is up! I really hope this goes away. God bless you! I hope yours did and or does go away too!! Stay well, Momma. Here for ya.

Hey Brittanymomma1,

So sorry to hear that, my asthma is still there but well controlled with meds. After one year of the birth of my son, the symptoms got much better. I am very sure that my asthma is hormone related, because durend my second pregnancy (that was 1 year ago) i didnt have any asthma symptoms (but i still was on meds) und after birth, asthma is still there but much better than when i had my first child.

I really hope you will get well very soon, because i know how awful it was!

Best, luinille

Hey!! Thanks for responding so- UPDATE: I got diagnosed with asthma and BOTH my pulmonologists insist that Asthma after pregnancy is VERY COMMON. It’s hormone induced. (Mine might be hormonal but probably ticked off by my bronchitis too). Anyway, so I am on meds but they aren’t working very well. What meds worked for you? Have you been tested for Eosinophilic asthma? New “biologics” are being offered and they pretty much take away all asthma symptoms, IF you have Eosinophilic asthma. That’s just a blood test to test the level of your Eosinophils. OR, if you do or don’t have E-asthma, there’s a doctor that I’m looking into located in Ohio named Dr. Wagshul. He treats asthma very uniquely, with a long course antibiotics protocol. He firmly believes asthma is an infection called “Chlamydia Pneumonia” that hides in the lungs. He’s had 26,00 patients that have gotten rid of their asthma with his protocol. I’ve talked to three people that have personally had success. I’m still looking into it but you should research him.

Anyway, I’d LOVE to know what meds you take and if you feel you’d be back to normal without the meds NOW?

Thanks Lunille!


My doctors still don't see the connection between asthma and hormone balance, because i think this area is still not researched. I live in Germany and there is like asthma is asthma. No "Eosinophilic asthma" and there are no tests. When I was doing my research on my own, because my doctors are all like "take the meds and live with it", I learned a lot about asthma and the different types. I began to notice that in my monthly circle some time my asthma is very worse and no meds on the world can change it. Of course after the birth of my son, I think my hormone balance is somehow really messed up, so my body needs to recover.

I have heard of biologicals too, but I also read that they if you take them the probability of getting cancer is at high risk. These change your immune system, so be aware of it.

I have read the book from Dr Hahn: "A cure for Asthma?" and there he claims, that a specific asthma is induced by the bacteria Chlamydia Pneumonia and there are several people who got healed with a long course (at least 3 months) of Azithromycin (Macrolid antibiotics).

I tried it too, unfortunately my asthma wasn't better after it, so i assume i was one of the unlucky people and tried to live on. However like a half year later, my asthma did got better and controllable. I dont know if it was the antibiotics or if my body is slowly recovering from the birth. But I take it :) I think it is worth a try!

When I was pregnant with my second, i have the luck that my asthma got much better, no symptoms but I was still on meds, because i fear that if I stopped, it will get much worser and i just dont need the stress. After the birth of my second child (btw it was a girl, perhaps the gender has something to do with it) my asthma did not got worse, I am really happy and I hope it will stay so. I am currently breastfeeding so I dont know if my asthma will get worse after it, but lets hope not.

I am currently on this meds: 1

cetirizine, 1 Montelucast 10mg, 1 hub Fostair 100/6 daily. This works for me.

I take these on every evening, after the last breastfeeding my child.

I wish you all the best and i know how you are feeling!

Hi hun! Just saw this. I apologize for the lateness on my part. Thankyou SO much for writing me back!!!

Well, I did not know that about the biologics. I will keep that in mind. So, did you take azithromycin for 3 months, daily? Sometimes many things I’ve read say it’s helpful to have doxycycline plus azithromycin for 3 months and many times you need longer.

Anyway- I’m on it now. I actually went that doctor in Ohio and am on my med regime. I’m two weeks into it. I’m not sure yet if things are better or not.

Question- do you have chest mucus? Or did you?

Thanks! And congratulations on your baby girl! That’s so special and awesome. You’re a great mommy!


Hi Britt,

yes I took Azithromycin daily for 3 month, I think a bit longer. Before that I also testet if I ever got contact with Chlamydia Pneumonia and the test was positiv. My doctor prescribed me Azithromycin, after I presented the treatment from Dr. Hahn. Since my asthma didnt get better after 3 months, I gave it up. I was still breastfeeding my first, so I didnt want to continue it. After 1 year after the birth, my asthma was in control with meds. Montelucast works really great for me. And my asthma improved with my second child.

I did have chest mucus, when my asthma wasnt under control. I was constantly clearing my throat and - sorry, very gross - the mucus was stringy. I believe it was deep down in my lungs between the small path in my lung.

Hope the antibiotics will work for you! Please keep me updated!



Hi Luinille! Oh that’s wonderful that montelucast works for you! Keep that up if it works. It doesn’t work for me. Well I hope if anything I can get my these asthma symptoms under control if not gone!

Thanks a lot!

I’ll keep you updated. Take good care in the meantime. :) here for ya!


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So did your asthma develop with your first child, but then get better with your second?

Hi luinille

Glad you’re doing well

Sounds like my story just wasn’t pregnant

I developed shortness of breath so sudden after taking period pain pills 💊

Doc think it’s what could’ve caused my asthma but unsure

Maybe one day I’ll have my symptoms under control too

Hi Idontknow748,

so sorry to hear this, I wish you all the best, hope the asthma will get better.

I developed asthma during pregnancy with my daughter so its definitely possible - she is now 17 months so im assuming I have it for life now, but Im not sure if it can come and go with hormone changes

What are your symptoms? Do you clear your throat constantly?

I've been diagnosed with eosinophilic asthma - to be honest my inhaler (fostair) controls it pretty well, so I really only struggle if I get a cold. I also feel more tired than normal, but what new mom isn't tired! My husband and I want to try for another baby, but I'm terrified it could make my asthma worse and I'm not too sure what effect using fostair in pregnancy would have?

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So sorry to hear this. Asthma sucks :( Hope you get better soon.

Luinille Hey we spoke earlier (comments above). Anyway- regarding the antibiotic therapy that you read about and tried for 3 months:

I wanted to let you know that you need to be on the antibiotic protocol longer than 3 months. And you need to take dual antibiotics (different families of antibiotics). I know people that went on it for 3 months to a year and are BETTER- as in- symptoms GONE. Just like Dr. Hahn says.

I ended up going to Dr Wagshul in Ohio who treats asthma in this way and it was amazing. I’m on my 4 month almost and am feeling slightly better. Granted I’m only on Azithromycin (because I’m breastfeeding) but soon, I’m hoping on doxycycline and clarithromycin to help kick this “asthma” aka infection.

Just letting you know my progress and wanted to throw you this bone!

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