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Doctors won't give me my inhalers - don't know what to do help please!

I don't suffer with very bad asthma and it only ever causes me trouble when I get a cold, therefore this is the only time I ever need to take my inhalers so they usually last me a long time. I have recently got a cold and it's made my asthma flare up I didn't realise but my inhalers had ran out and I don't have any. I rang my doctors up and asked for a prescription for some new ones and they won't give me them. They told me a doctor won't be able to prescribe me any as its been too long since I last got a prescription for it and I need a review ( I can understand this its been four years since I last had a prescription for them). They then said its a 3 week wait until they can book me in for review. I won't be able to wait 3 weeks my asthma is getting worse by the day and I need my inhalers. What shall I do??? Please help!!

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Try going to the chemist. They may be able to give you one in the meantime. Just ask to speak to the chemist.


Can you get an emergency appointment with your GP that way they should be able to prescribe one. They cannot make you wait for a review to give you at least a salbutamol inhaler. I can understand a review may be needed to sort a long term steroid inhaler. See if you can go down the emergency appointment route. Hope you can get what you need soon. X

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Get an emergency appointment!


Taking vitamin High dose D3 helps keep colds away and also for some helps keep asthma at bay too.


Can you ask to speak to a doctor? This happened when my daughters inhaler run out at school & had to get one asap. The receptionist said no I would have to take her in to see a doctor. I got a bit short with her & demanded a doctor phone me back. The doctor was absolutely fine when I explained & wrote me out a prescription to go & pick up that afternoon. Your doctor may give you one to keep you going until you can make an appointment for review?


Hi 2397

Sorry to hear you're having difficulty getting an appointment. Just to reiterate the advice given, our nurses suggest going to the local chemist or try and get emergency appointment at GP or local walk in centre - to get hold of a blue inhaler.

As the doctors haven't seen you for some time – it's important to attend your asthma review yearly so that they can keep medications reviewed and prescribe them regularly as needed, I appreciate it's frustrating when you have to wait for so long.

Take care,



Most Pharmacies will give an emergency Inhaler, it's not like your going to get High on it. Your Doc sounds an ass. Also if your answers the questions correct you can them purchase on line in UK. Cheaper, no Doc fees.


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