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peek flow no diferent with or witout preventer inhaler

hello just tried an experiment stoped taking my night and morning inhaler for a week .My peek flow is exactly the same with or without only thing diferent is my cough is back and my chest is tighter . starting again this morning with them . I am in the prosses of changing docters so i will inform them of the above fact .

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Hi there, Peak Flow is not the only tool for Monitoring Asthma, and for some people it is not such a good tool. The questionnaire that most hospitals use, looks at symptoms as well, such as: Coughing, use of reliever, night waking, wheezing, and breathlessness, over a two week period. So it seems that your reliever inhaler was doing the job intended. I would start taking it again! Also a Peak flow meter does not measure your O2 stats, or indeed your fev1, both important indicators of lung restriction.

Good luck with your new doctor.



what is 02 stats or fev1 please not heard them mentioned before


My peak flow is usually good regardless of how I feel. Don't necessarily trust your peak flow. If you aren't feeling right, explain it to your GP or asthma nurse. They should be aware that peak flow doesn't always explain things.


Keep in mind that it takes about 6 to 8 Weeks of Preventer Inhaler use to reach full strength in your body. Therefore, when you stop using it, it probably takes a few weeks before you know how well you can manage without it. Giving it up for just a week is possibly not long enough to know if you are able to cope equally as well without it.


Peak flow isn't always indicative for me either, mine is 570 best when I'm predicted 440 or something. Even during a flare up it can still be around 450.

My asthma nurse told me not to worry until it gets to 300!! Wtf! Needless to say I've ignored her! I had pneumonia last year and of was still 290 at it's lowest but I was in a bad way with very low oxygen sats.


Hi Gardener12

There's some information on our website about taking your preventer.

As mentioned already it builds up your asthma protection over time. If you stop taking your preventer inhaler, you’ll not get the full benefits, and will be more likely to react to asthma triggers. Make sure you talk to your new GP before stopping any prescribed medicines so you have the chance to review them together.



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