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FEV1 and FVC

Hi all

I recently had a mini lung function test at Brompton Hospital. I've received a copy of the letter the specialist has written to my own doctor and he has put that my FEV1 was 0.75 litres with an FVC of 1.4 litres.

Can anyone advise how I can interpret these, ie are they bad, reasonable or good? It also says my ACQ score is 5.16.

Any guidance anyone can provide (and I appreciate it is only guidance) would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Hi try putting this question in another site on here - The British Lung Foundation. There are some folk on there who understand these and you will get advice there too.


FEV-1 is forced expiry volume in 1 second and FVC is forced vital capacity. You might also get FEV-6; as above except 6 seconds. So essentially what they are doing is mapping how much air your lungs expel over points in time (1 and 6 seconds) and all together in one expiration. You can find websites that explain the various tests but some are quite technical.

If you get a (digital) peak flow that also measures FEV-1 (or if you have the money, FEV-1 & FEV-6) you can track it over time, & much like peak flow, optimum readings will vary by age, gender and size.

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