Hi. I've just been to the docs to replace my rescue meds I have and the doctor wouldn't give me any more predisolone. She's not my usual doctor and I showed her my peak flow diary of how low it is at the moment 150 and normal is 300.

She was more concerned with my hayfever, nose blocked and said she thought that could be the cause of the asthma and Bronchiectasis.

She's given me nose drops. I am seeing the Respitary dept at the hospital as I was in hospital a month ago. She gave me a new spray, Spiromax, which she said would zap it! But no change honestly. I see her again June 01st but I don't know what next!

I'm on salbutamol spray, tiotropium bromide spray, spiromax (in place of salbutamol) and montelukast tablets. Cetirizine for allergies

The asthma not so good. I think it's the weather and I though having the rescue tablets the doc said to have I'd be ok considering my peak flow!

So a bit concerned. Am I over reacting, do you think?

Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi pearly1 hope your ok I would go to a walk in if I was u I always have a rescue pack just in case they should of give u predisolone if any think x

  • Thanks Sarahjane12. Good idea. I will look where they are.x.

  • Hi I have mild copd and asthma and I just reorder my rescue pack of ab's and steroids when I have used my last one. I never had any problem ordering them.

    I wouldn't like to be without them in case of weekends and holiday periods. I don't think you are overreacting at all and I would ask your doctor what you are supposed to do if you need the steroids and the doctors are closed.

  • Thanks lilaclil, I am a bit concerned. If I end up in hospital they give me predisolone! X

  • It's crazy isn't it? I hope you don't end up back in hospital.

  • Me too! This certain doctor just doesn't like predisolone she says it's so bad. Is there nothing else they can give? X

  • I don't think there is anything to replace steroids. Predisolone is very commonly used for infections and doesn't cause a problem unless it is taken on along term basis.. For short term use it is fine. It is the mildest steroid used and not the strong ones.

    There is a reason why they call these the 'devils pills' though. They give you a happy and well feeling then you can crash for a few days afterwards. I always do this, but then they do work a treat and I always need them for chest infections otherwise they don't clear.

    For those of us with lung issues it is very important to tackle any infections and exacerbations immediately otherwise they could cause further damage to our fragile lungs.

    I think the benefits outweigh the risks to be honest.

  • You're right! I may just drop an email to my doctors. The predisolone makes me very outspoken! Not sure if I've crashed and burned though. Will have to watch out next time. Thanks lilaclil for putting things into prospective. x

  • They are for inflammation, not infection, though, of course you get inflammation with infection. You can get it without infection , too, like in allergic condition.

  • Well I take them for chest infections not chest inflammations. Exacerbations can be caused by anything like an allergic conditions.

  • Of course! Asthma is an inflammatory condition, whatever causes the flare- up,like infections or allergies.

  • Thanks Wheezycat. I have allergies. Grass and dust! But the Bronchiectasis, I believe, is the biggest thing to set it off. X

  • Sorry the spiromax is in place of Symbicort!

  • Well, you might be over reacting a tiny bit. It depends how you feel. It's easy to get agitiated if we think our safety nets aren't there, though when they are there, we don't always feel the need to use them. The doctor is quite right to do further investigations to see if there is something else that would be better for you than steroids, as if you take too many they can do more harm than good. PF is only one pointer after all; it's about how you feel generally. If you can hold out until June 1st, that would be good, but I'm sure you can get the treatment you need if you have an emergency.

  • Hi ChrissieMons. I can't do much at the moment without getting puffed out. Using my ventolin a lot at the moment. But I'm going to take it steady until my hospital appt. and as you say. There's A&E if it gets too out of hand. X

  • It was my impression that Medication is a matter of Patient Choice providing the desired Medication is in keeping with the Patients diagnosed condition. You may have to raise that argument in order to get what you want / need.

  • Thanks Matman. I know if I'd gone to my regular doctor I'd have got them. They're rescue meds though I feel sure they'd have put me on them until I have my hospital appt. she didn't seem to understand anything about asthma!

  • Well, the doctor might have a reason why she doesn't want you on prednisolone so I would advise you to read about the side effects first & try to see if any of them applies to you. I for one thing do not like taking prednisolone, I either take loratadine (claritin) or piriton. Once I can no longer cope with the asthma or I feel it worse, I get nebulized salbutamol & dexamethasone as well as intravenous aminophylline & hydrocortisone which works very well for me. It depends on what works for one but just read about the side effects so that you can ask your doctor questions based on it & let he/she tell you why the prednisolone he/she feels it isn't good for you & has to be replaced by something.

  • Hi tayokufo, predisolone are great for helping me breathe and they never offer me an alternative mum on 2 antihistamine tablets a day, permanently. Nebulisers work for me just great. They don't give you them to administer at home anymore from the doctors. It has to be from the hospital. I'll ask about nebulisers at my hospital appointment tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

  • Well, have you thought of getting your own personal nebulizer that you can use at home if need be, though it could be expensive. I don't know how things pertaining medicals operate where you are & overseas generally but here In Nigeria, the doctors advise you to get yours, they could even offer to help you get. Also, I have an idea of the medications I use so I can go to a pharmacist to get the medications

  • Yes. I wanted to buy a nebuliser but you can only get the meds to use with it prescribed from hospital. GP at local surgery won't prescribe them. They used to but it's against policy. Very frustrating.

  • Hmm. Not sure what you mean by "asthma not so good". How often do you need the salbutamol rescue puffs each day?

    I've had a similar experience once having to cycle through various medications. Both symbicort and Spiromax use budesonide as the ICS. Try switching that. I would go Qvar max dose, Serevent (salmeterol powder), and montelukast. I think the tiotropium is for COPD so unless you have that consider ditching it? Give the Qvar 3-4 days to start making mild improvement and a full week to kick in.

    I did see a study way back when that I think said Qvar (beclomethasone) is more effective than Budesonide.

    Good luck and as always involve your doctor or find another doctor. You do have a right as a patient to try different meds some are more effective on certain people than others.

  • Thanks Green. I've had Clenil in the past which has beclametasone. But moved me onto salbutamol. I saw on the internet that tiotropium was for copd. I have a lung disease also, Bronchiectasis. Which they got under control until December and the meds seemed to not work anymore.

    I use my ventolin about 15 to 20 times a day 2 puffs each time. Depending on weather and activities.

    Thanks again.

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