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Hi I'm new here & currently not diagnosed as asthma but the doctor is giving me a trial of the blue inhaler for a couple of weeks as thinks I do have it. I feel a bit 'left' at the moment & am thinking all sorts. I've basically had a bit of an issue my whole life with breathing & can recall in childhood my lungs burning, not being able to talk etc during races on sports day. Getting puffed out easily. But I just thought it normal. Now I went to the doctor as realised for awhile now I am constantly breathless all the time & when explaining my history to her she suspects I had exercise induced asthma as a child & am asthmatic now. I have to be prescribed strong hay fever meds & also have eczema. I am 39yrs old, 5'9" & 9(ish) stone & my peak flow chart is up & down. I blow less in the morning 400 but has dropped to 315 & blow more in the evening, I did manage 490 one night but haven't matched that again. I also get puffed just doing chores in the house! Also cough & cant breathe if cooking certain things on the hob or am anywhere stuffy i.e: outside on a muggy day, when you first put the air con on in a car etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone or is it something else? Don't want to be misdiagnosed as that's all I see on the news lately?

Thanks for any replies, sorry about the long post lol!

Ps my pf readings are always higher after taking the inhaler. My youngest also has asthma, eczema & hay fever.

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  • I'm no expert, but it sounds like it could be asthma. I tend to cough more than struggle with breathing but when I was diagnosed aged 59 the nurse seemed to be saying I probably had asthma as a child. Like you I thought how I felt was normal.

  • Thank you for your reply. I've always thought it was normal or me being dramatic until recently now I am continually deep breathing, sighing, coughing, chest tightness. Easily getting worn out. I'm not a smoker so unless I'm incredibly unfit there is no reason for it. All the signs point to asthma but don't yet believe it myself & with all the news about lots of adults being misdiagnosed with asthma. I guess I want advice from people who experience it.

    Also if I have been undiagnosed all my life, is there a risk of damage to my lungs?

  • A lot of it sounds familiar,I made a note of my readings when I got up,lunch time and evenings. I kept taking them until I saw the doctor so he knew how I was throughout the day and week. I wish you good luck and hope you haven't got asthma but if you have it will settle down once you are on the proper medication.also if you have got it welcome to the site, you will find lots of helpful and knowledgeable​ and very kind people here 😘

  • All the symptoms sound familiar and directing towards asthma. Wish you all the best and hope its not asthma..

  • Hi, as mentioned above the symptoms do sound like asthma, I have had asthma from the age of 11, I am a 70 years of age female. Have just done two peak flow readings of 220 & 248. Your readings are significantly higher. starveycat makes a good point, it will settle down once you are on the proper medication. the blue inhaler is the initial standard issue, there are so many others today which are appropriate for certain individuals, this will be stablished by your doctor over a period of time, and if required your medication will be adjusted. Stay positive the medications are evolving all the time with new products coming onto the market. This support group has an important psychological positive affect in sharing, you are not alone.

  • I would expect your pf readings to be higher after you've taken the blue inhaler, and it does look to me like asthma, but only your GP can send you for tests to confirm this. As you can blow 490, I don't think there is much damage to your lungs, so you can relax about that one. Asthma is not genetic but it does tend to run in families. I know this sounds silly but it is true and as your child has asthma it is more likely that you've always had it, but coped well so far.

    You have to adapt to your condition so that you have fewer triggers around, but don't get obsessive about dust and so on. (Dust wrecks me, so I have a cleaner!) Once you have preventer inhalers, that will help, so urge your GP to send you for lung function tests.

  • Hi Flowergirl78,

    I wanted to add to all the helpful replies you've received that there's information on the Asthma UK website about the process of being diagnosed as an adult bit.ly/2qfBfGf

    We also have a helpline which you can call on 0300 222 5800 (9am – 5pm; Monday - Friday) and ask our asthma nurse specialists anything about the symptoms you've having or trial treatment.

    Take care,


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