Hiya everyone i know were all ill with different illnesses but id like to express my deepest sadness for whats happened in manchester. As a mother my self it kills me to see so many young people have been injured or killed. I watched news today can all of you that live in manchester keep a eye out for a girl called olyvia colman her picture is on news sites her mum cant find her and although i dont know the family i think this site is a useful tool to help. I hope all of you are safe and well xx

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  • Sorry its campbell no colman

  • So sad hay any mothers worst nightmare hope and pray they find that poor girl safe so upsetting xx

  • Definately hun xxx

  • It's awful isn't it. I am a Mancunian but left there many years ago. I did ring up my relations and friends there to check they are ok. Devastated.

  • I think the world is devastated its so horrible im glad everyone you know is ok the waiting mustve been horrible for you all my love xx

  • I agree, it is so sad.

  • Today we found out on the news that the poor girl olivia campbell has died im so upset ive got a daughter 2 years younger and i can only imagine the sort of pain her mum feels lets all spare a thought for the victims today xx

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