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Kenalog update

Hi - I had my first kenalog injection a month ago. I had no side effects and the middle 2 weeks I had very little asthma symptoms. In the last week I got a chest infection and am now on antibiotics and have just finished a course of pred.

I had GP today, my bone scan results are not too fantastic so no more kenalog, avoid avoid pred and really try to avoid asthma triggers.

Next plan is immunology - does anyone know what to expect?

Sorry for being moany just feel a bit confused and honestly surprised about the bones... Xxx

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Hi Emily

Sorry you are not good, what allergies do you have, I ask because mine are seasonal to pollen, I have had immunology but it didn't work out for me I'll give you more information if it's relevant,

Tre x


Hi Tre - thank you for getting back to me. I have had IGe blood test that showed positive for grass tree weed pollens and mould and house dust mite. It was ok for cats and dogs. The consultant didn't do skin pricks because my skin was all covered in rash. I'm also allergic to peanuts and sensitive to sulfites. This time of year is always tricky tricky for me.

I take relvar ellipta, zafirlukast, fexofenadine, omeprazole and ranitidine and I have a nebuliser and epipens.

Any advice/ info would be amazing thank you 😊 xxx


Poor you, you really do have a catalog of problems, I was feeling sorry for myself because the season has started early & I'm on all the meds I can before needing pred, but in conparison to you & indeed many others on here I'm not too badly off.

Back to the immunology it was the last resort for me as my season asthma was classed as severe due to the fact it wasn't under control, despite preventer inhalers, montalucast, dymista nasal spay, fexofenidine180gm x 2 (4 if really bad) & obviously the blue inhalers. The program started with injections of tree pollen, they had to be reduced to a half dose because of a bad reaction so the 6 week program became 12 weeks & to be honest I was really rough for around 5 days after each one but didn't tell the docs quite how bad as I wanted everything to work.

When it came to the injection of grass pollen, which again they reduced, I reacted very badly on the day, but settled down enough to go home, but the next few days had worsening asthma symptoms resulting in the need for pred. When I returned to the clinic they decided it was far to risky to continue on the program. I so wish the outcome for me had been different & it works wonderfully for so many people. I would still wholeheartedly recommend anyone to try it because if it works then quality of life is much improved. It is usually a 3 year program with results often seen in the 2nd year, the treatment is given out of season - well that applied to me - maybe not for other allergies. The team I was under at Wythenshaw hospital were wonderful & I'm still under the care of consultants there.

Wishing you well,

Tre x


Oh - I have to say that sounds truly awful.... It would really have to work. Poor you going through it all and seeing no benefit.

This is the first time immunology has been suggested for me. And it sounds a bit scary. If I get an appointment I ll go along and see what they say but have to admit I was hoping it wouldn't be anything like that.

Thank you so much for the info. Hope you are doing ok. Pollen's been bad here today (north east Scotland)

Take care , Emily xxx


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