2 year old asthmatic

So he's been on treatment for nearly a year and only when gets a cold does his asthma kick off, been controlled well with medication

On brown and blue inhaler and montelekast tablets

He had preds and antibiotics last week for crackles and wheeze and when they stopped his cough came back even worse

Went docs yesterday and said improved but little wheeze so to do another five days of preds

Literally tonight even with lots of blue inhaler he's been awake all night as he's coughed continuously he's not short on breath just can't get him to completely stop coughing, propped up etc

Anyone got any tips/ had this with their child?

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  • So sorry you are and your son are having such a hard time. Have you tried steam? If he can tolerate that it can help open up the airways and soothe that horribly tickly cough

  • Thankyou

    Very scary had bad attack yday and had to call 999. As after 10 blue inhaler puffs still struggling to catch his breath bloody awful

    He has humidifier on in room that lets off warm moist and that does seem to help thanks

  • Oh how horrible. Were the Emergency Services able to help at all? Has he seen a paediatric respiratory specialist at all?

  • First time it happened they neubilised him this time he didn't need it as had 21 puffs of ventolin and that is pretty much equivalent to the neubiliser

    Yeh he's under a specialist and they said he's on all the right treatment I'll have to ring them Tuesday to tell them about this though

  • I would definitely ring them the more information they have the better, I know it took a lot of persistence from my sister to get my niece sorted with her chest.

    I hope he is feeling better.

  • Thankyou

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