Just thought I would let u know a bit about me am Sarah am 40 years old I have allergy asthma I got diagnosed in November 2016 when I was rushed into icu put asleep for aweek i also smoked at the time I also had septis and pneumonia while I was in hospital I pulled through am so happy about that as I have 4 children and 2 granddaughters I have been put on montelukast and fostair and my asthma is very under control now just so happy I packed the ciggies in as if that never happens I would still be smoking now sorry about the essay c

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  • Thanks for sharing! So glad you're ok AND quit smoking AND got your asthma under control! Sorry you had to go through that. I went through a similar situation... near fatal asthma attack. It took that for me to quit smoking and get my asthma under control! Maybe these types of things are meant to happen to prevent worse from happening later? Well, we hope anyway. Glad you're ok and the kids and grand kids get you for longer and in better health! -best of wishes! -jess

  • Thanks jess and well done u for packing smoking in x

  • Thank you! Yay for us! Do you mind if I ask what happened to cause the attack? Was the septis and pneumonia caused from the ventilator?

  • Hi jess I had a bad cough and chest 8 weeks before I ended up in ozzy had 2 lots of antibiotics and they didn't work that's why I ended up with pneumonia and that went into septis am not sure if I had it off the ventilator they didn't tell me I had septis ur pneumonia I only know that because it's on my discharge notes xxx

  • Hi and welcome, thanks for your story. Glad you are better now.please keep in touch. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thank u Bernadette u take care to x

  • Hi sarah dont beat yourself up about smoking i know i prob shouldnt say this but ive never smoked and breath worse than anyone that has i do like junk food though we all have our vices and foods mine while im glad youve give up fags dont think they put you in hospital trust me ive been in and out loads beat your kids are well proud of you youve done amazingly well xxx

  • Awwww thanks hay my kids are so proud of me bless them they keep saying promise you will never smoke again and I won't if am determined to do something I will do it and thanks for the advice hay x

  • I wish my dad wouldve listened to us when my mum died you are incredible and sound a great mum xx

  • Awwww sorry to hear about your mum hay and I try my best like all mums we want the best x

  • It was a very long time ago but thanks have a great weekend

  • Awwww u 2 Hun x

  • Thankyou xx

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