New to Asthma and very scared

Hi all!

I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Ben and in December I came down with a serious case of Bronchitis. Ever since then I have pretty much been constantly short of breath, had a tight chest, a cough (sometimes dry, sometimes productive, it seems to depend on how open my airways are) and wheezing on occasion when it gets really bad. I've been working with my GP and he thinks that I've got Late Onset Asthma. I've tried Ventolin with Clenil Modulite, but that seemed to have minimal effect so now I'm on Symbicort 100/6, which seems to help reduce my shortness of breath through the long acting bronchodilator, but the steroid seems to have had a minimal impact so far, though it's only been 2 weeks. I'm just so scared that this is how I'm going to feel forever, I can't run like I used to, I'm concerned about going out in case it gets worse, I feel like my social life has been taken away from me. I guess I'm just looking for a bit of comfort, or any stories from others who have suffered Asthma in adulthood. Thank you for your time!

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  • Welcome, please try not to worry,yesit can be frightening at first but you will learn to control it. and yor breathing. Stay positive and listen to your GP and nurse. Ask them for some breathing exercises they will do you good. Please keep in touch let us know how you are doing. 😊 Bernadette xx

  • Welcome to the forum.

    It can take a little while to find the medication that suits you the best but once you're on it then you'll find things improve for you.

    Any concerns you have speak to your GP or Asthma Nurse that's what they're there for.

  • I was diagnosed with late ( very late at 73) with asthma it took about 3 months to get me balanced I have complete faith in my doctor..Now I live a quieter life , my choice, but still do my tai chi s well as all the things an Old bid does , I also look after my disabled hubby. Asthma is not the end of the world so be very patient you will get there 😁

  • Thank you for your kind reply, I still remain hopefully, the times when I feel relatively ok seem to be getting longer and more consistent, it's just the bad days that knock you down and feel like you're getting nowhere!

  • Welcome, sorry to hear you're feeling so bad.

    Have you had lung function tests to diagnose asthma or diagnosis by symptoms?

  • Diagnosis by symptoms mostly. I was going to have a spirometry test, but my doctors senior partner decided it wasn't necessary as the symptoms suggested it was 'probably' asthma, which I find a bit annoying as I'd rather have the peace of mind of the test to let me know definitively!

  • I agree, better to know so that you can deal with it.

    My asthma was blamed for everything when if fact my symptoms were due to cardiac decompensation and significant sleep disordered breathing. If I were you I'd push to be tested.

  • My husband has this condition and he was really ill but i can tell you that once meds are sorted youll be ok he went on a long course of antibiotics because you have to treat what caused broncietisis and then sort the condition i know its terrifying but things will get better hold in there xx

  • Hi Ben , sorry to hear u r struggling so bad i'm Tracey and had asthma since I was 18months old steroid dependent go into hospital a lot if u check my page out u will c and will explain a lot of stuff I was like u I used to lots sport but asthma has taken over my life big time I hate it , I wasn't to bad till 2008 I caught umonia since then I have been really bad o had lung surgery bronchial thermoplasty last year didn't help it has mad me worse spend most of my time in hospital not good I hope they sort u out here anytime if want a chat take care x

  • Thank you for your reply Tracy, I can't say I've experienced anything like that so I guess I don't have much to complain about, sending you many good wishes and hope you find some relief soon, I'll definitely take you up on that offer for a chat sometime x.

  • Hi yea I been through it and it don't get any easier believe me hopefully u b luckier than me I seem to get everything no one else in my family past and now hast had nothing to what I have they get colds, flu, chest infection but seem to get over it and carry on where me get everything and end up in hospital life so mean but like I c it always some worse than me out there , and yea a chat anytime always here hope u doing ok takecare

  • Hi how u doing sort had trouble getting on here but think it's sorted now

  • Hi it can be like this to start with. It takes time for the medication to get in your system. Its frustrating when you are usually fit but your body needs time to recover. Good Luck and in time once meds are suitable - who knows!!

  • Of course it is frightening when you are first diagnosed - it is a lot to get used to and medication is largely trial and error at the beginning. However, in time, and you may have to give it up to a year, you will get the right treatment so that you can manage things and have a good life. I think the thing to do is as much research as you can about the condition by using this forum, the Asthma UK website and finding out which people you know have asthma, and you are bound to know someone. You will be surprised by how many people have it and cope well with life. Try not to be afraid - if your asthma is well controlled in the end, your life may not be much different to what it was before. Be patient and it will be ok in the end.

  • Hi check out my reply to Jess33.

    In addition rubbing oil (olive or coconut) on your chest, back & front helps. If somebody else is doing it, they could tap your chest by forming a cup with the hand and tapping all around. Lie on your front and tap back, then do the front and the sides. This will help to loosen the phlegm. Steam inhalations help too. If you do not have blood pressure problems, eat liquorice - the black ones from liquorice allsorts are fine. You can overcome this!

  • Thank you for all your reply's everyone, they've certainly served some comfort! It can be a bit frustrating, currently on Symbicort, and for the past 2-3 days I was feeling significantly better and then today I've just felt like absolute rubbish! Super tight chest, shortness of breath etc. It sometimes just feels like a 1 step forwards, 2 steps back situation, but I'm still remaining hopeful.

  • Hi Ben I was diagnosed in November with my asthma it's starting to get better have me good and bad days but more good now my meds are working hope your feeling better soon you have plenty of people on here when you need advice good luck 👌

  • That's great Sarahjane! I'm glad things are working out for you. May I ask what medication you are taking? And how long it took until you started to see a noticeable improvement?

  • Hi Ben am on fostair inhaler and montelukast tablets and I would say a month for full affect x

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